Payton Wilson from NC State has been chosen as the top player in the All-ACC first-team selection announced by

Payton Wilson from NC State has been chosen as the top player in the All-ACC first-team selection announced by

According to Brian Murphy, a meteorologist from WRAL,

According to an announcement made by the league on Tuesday evening, Payton Wilson, linebacker for NC State, received the most votes for first-team All-ACC honors.

Wilson has been named a contender for prestigious national honors awarded to the most outstanding linebacker and defensive player in collegiate football. This marks Wilson’s fifth year, during which he recorded an impressive 138 tackles (69 of which were solo) and six sacks, topping the ACC rankings. Additionally, he made three interceptions for his team, the Wolfpack.

Earlier in the season, NC State coach Dave Doeren stated that he is currently the top defensive player in college football.

Wilson was awarded 184 points by the voting panel, just short of the maximum of 192 points. The panel consisted of 51 media members and 14 head coaches from the league. Players were given three points for a first-team vote, two points for a second-team vote, and one point for a third-team vote. Coaches were not allowed to vote for players on their own team.

Malik Washington, a wide receiver for Virginia, was awarded 182 points for his outstanding performance in receiving, leading the nation with an average of 9.2 receptions per game. Omarion Hampton, a first-team selection and running back for North Carolina, received 178 points.

Wilson was NC State’s lone first-team selection. Freshman wide receiver Kevin “KC” Concepcion made the second team.

Along with Hampton, who topped the ACC with 1,442 yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground, UNC’s Bryson Nesbit and Cedric Gray earned spots on the first team as tight end and linebacker, respectively.

The first team included Duke’s guard Graham Barton, defensive tackle DeWayne Carter, and punter Porter Wilson.

Drake Maye, the quarterback for North Carolina and the preseason player of the year, was placed as the second-string quarterback. Other North Carolina players, Kaimon Rucker (defensive end) and Noah Burnette (kicker), also made the team.

Jordan Moore, a wide receiver for Duke, along with guard Jacob Monk and linebacker Tre Freeman, were chosen for the second team.

Anthony Belton and Ayden White, both from NC State, were chosen for the third team as an offensive tackle and cornerback respectively. Tez Walker from UNC, along with Willie Lampkin and Power Echols, were third-team picks as a wide receiver, guard, and linebacker. Jordan Waters from Duke and Aeneas Peebles as a running back and defensive tackle were also selected for the third team. Peebles recently announced his decision to enter the transfer portal.

Florida State, who remains unbeaten, will face Louisville in the conference championship game this Saturday. They have the most players, a total of eight, selected for the first team. Additionally, 17 Seminoles were chosen for one of the three All-ACC teams. Miami came in second with nine overall selections.

On Sunday, NC State (9-3), UNC (8-4), and Duke (7-5) will find out their bowl games and opponents since they all meet the eligibility requirements.

2023 All-ACC Football Teams

First-Team All-ACC


Quarterback Jordan Travis from Florida State was selected with the 175th pick.

RB – Omarion Hampton – North Carolina (178)

RB – Jordan Jawhar – Louisville (176)

Malik Washington from Virginia (182) is listed as WR.

Keon Coleman from Florida State has been selected as the 165th pick in the WR category.

Xavier Restrepo, from Miami, WR with jersey number 147.

TE – Bryson Nesbit – North Carolina (117)

AP – Keon Coleman – Florida State (81)

Graham Barton of Duke University has a score of 126.

OT – Darius Washington – Florida State (104)

OG – Christian Mahogany – Boston College (156)

This is the information of D’Mitri Emmanuel from Florida State, with the player’s number being 104.

C – Bryan Hudson – Louisville (94)


DE – Ashton Gillotte – Louisville (161)

DE – Jared Verse – Florida State (135)

DT – Tyler Davis – Clemson (142)

DT – DeWayne Carter – Duke (117)

The NC State player with the number 184, Payton Wilson, is referred to as LB.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. from Clemson was selected as the 172nd pick in the draft, known as LB.

Florida State’s Kalen DeLoach (132) tied for the spot in LB ranking.

Cedric Gray from North Carolina tied at 132 in the LB competition.

CB – Nate Wiggins – Clemson (119)

Elijah Jones, a student at Boston College, has a CB score of 118.

S – Kamren Kinchens – Miami (138)

S – Jonas Sanker – Virginia (89)


PK – Andy Borregales – Miami (111)

P – Porter Wilson – Duke (124)

Player: Keon Coleman
Team: Florida State
Rank: 120th overall pick in the SP draft

Second-Team All-ACC


Quarterback – Drake Maye – University of North Carolina (135)

Trey Benson, representing Florida State, was drafted 118th overall in the RB category.

RB – LeQuint Allen from Syracuse with a score of 95

NC State’s Kevin Concepcion, also known as “KC,” was selected 138th in the WR draft.

WR – Jamari Thrash – Louisville (128)

Jordan Moore from Duke scored 68 points.

TE – Jaheim Bell – Florida State (105)

AP – Bhayshul Tuten – Virginia Tech (80)

Jalen Rivers from Miami has a rating of 88 in the OT position.

OT – Ozzy Trapilo – Boston College (63)

Jacob Monk is known as “OG” and is a member of the Duke clan, currently at the age of 82.

OG – Michael Jurgens – Wake Forest (80)

C – Matt Lee – Miami (81)


Antwaun Powell-Ryland from Virginia Tech is number 113 on the roster.

DE – Kaimon Rucker – North Carolina (97)

DT – Braden Fiske – Florida State (80)

DT – Joshua Farmer – Florida State (76)

LB – Francisco Mauigoa – Miami (88)

Syracuse’s (83) Marlow Wax: LB

Duke’s Tre Freeman and LB with a score of 55 are tied.

Clemson’s Barrett Carter, number 55, is tied for first place.

CB – Renardo Green – Florida State (83)

CB – M.J. Devonshire – Pitt (81)

S – Malik Mustapha – Wake Forest (51)

Jaylon King from Georgia Tech has a ranking of 50.


PK – Noah Burnette – North Carolina (110)

P – Alex Mastromanno – Florida State (121)

SP – Brashard Smith – Miami (96)

Third-Team All-ACC


Quarterback Jack Plummer from Louisville wearing jersey number 34.

RB Jamal Haynes from Georgia Tech wearing jersey number 51.

Jordan Waters from Duke University with jersey number 44.

Player Devontez Walker from North Carolina (67)

WR – Jacolby George – Miami (57)

WR – Johnny Wilson – Florida State (48)

TE – Jake Briningstool – Clemson (94)

The player with the initials AP who goes by the name Jawhar Jordan and plays for Louisville scored a total of 70 points.

OT – Blake Miller – Clemson (55)

Anthony Belton, a player from North Carolina State University with jersey number 43, is mentioned in this notification.

Original – Michael Gonzalez – Louisville (66)

Willie Lampkin from North Carolina is the original poster and is 48 years old.

C – Will Putnam – Clemson (72)


DE – Rueben Bain, Jr. – Miami (65)

DE – Jasheen Davis – Wake Forest (61)

DT – Aeneas Peebles – Duke (64)

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Vinny DePalma, a player from Boston College, wears the jersey number 41.

Tatum Bethune from Florida State was selected 30th overall in the LB draft.

LB Power Echols is from North Carolina and is the 28th ranked player.

Aydan White from NC State has a CB rating of 80.

CB – Dorain Strong – Virginia Tech (53)

S – Shyheim Brown – Florida State (49)

S – Devin Neal – Louisville (45)


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P – Jack Stonehouse – Syracuse (79)

Tucker Holloway from Virginia Tech scored a 73.

Honorable -Mention All-ACC

Quarterback Haynes King is committed to playing for Georgia Tech and is ranked 31st overall.

Will Shipley from Clemson was drafted 42nd overall in the RB position.

Phil Mafah from Clemson (37) is an RB.

Bhayshul Tuten from Virginia Tech (15) was chosen for RB.

WR – Eric Singleton, Jr. – Georgia Tech (41)

Malachi Fields from Virginia (36) has returned a WR notification.

WR – Bub Means – Pitt (19)

TE – Gavin Bartholomew – Pitt (25)

TE – Dae’Quan Wright – Virginia Tech (16)

AP – Will Shipley – Clemson (63)

The Associated Press reported that Syracuse’s LeQuint Allen was selected as the 37th overall pick.

AP – Brashard Smith – Miami (24)

AP – Jamal Haynes – Georgia Tech (18)

OT – Willie Tyler – Louisville (41)

OT – Francis Mauigoa – Miami (41)

“The notification is for Eric Miller from Louisville, who is 35 years old.”

OT – Spencer Rolland – North Carolina (32)

DeVonte Gordon from Wake Forest (26) has been notified.

Jordan Williams, a player from Georgia Tech who is 20 years old, was the subject of the notification marked as “OT”.

OT – Logan Taylor – Boston College (15)

Original – Joe Fusile – Graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in 38

OG – Casey Roddick – Florida State (38)

Original – Anez Cooper from Miami, aged 37.

Original Group – Timothy McKay – North Carolina State University (35 years old)

Original – Javion Cohen – Miami (34)

Kyle Hergel from Boston College has been assigned the number 33.

Chris Bleich from Syracuse is listed as number 17 in the OG position.

C – Brian Stevens – Virginia (45)

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C – Dylan McMahon – NC State (20)

C – Corey Gaynor – North Carolina (15)

Davin Vann from NC State (28) received notifications and comments from DE.

DE – Patrick Payton – Florida State (18)

DE – Xavier Thomas – Clemson (17)

DE – T.J. Parker – Clemson (15)

Virginia Tech’s Norell Pollard with jersey number 45.

The player from North Carolina, Myles Murphy, has been assigned the number 40.

DT – Dez Tell – Louisville (32)

DT – Aaron Faumui – Virginia (32)

DT – Cam Horsley – Boston College (25)

DT – Kevin Pointer – Wake Forest (20)

DT – Zeek Biggers – Georgia Tech (17)

DJ Lundy, a player from Florida State, was ranked 24th in LB.

Jaylon Scott from NC State is wearing number 17 and his initials are LB.

T.J. Quinn from Louisville (16) has been nominated for LB.

Keli Lawson, a player from Virginia Tech (16), is commonly referred to as LB.

The player known as CB, Quincy Riley, hails from Louisville and is ranked at 40.

Al Blades Jr. of Duke University, wearing jersey number 40, is also known as CB.

The player listed as CB, Jarrian Jones, represents Florida State and has a ranking of 37.

The player known as CB, also referred to as Fentrell Cypress, hails from Florida State and is currently 17 years old.

Jarvis Brownlee is a player for Louisville, wearing the number 15.

CB – Shyheim Battle – NC State (15)

Khalil Barnes from Clemson has the jersey number 44.

Cam’Ron Kelly from Louisville (37) is represented by S.

Player S is Andrew Mukuba from Clemson, with a ranking of 36.

S – Devan Boykin – NC State (36)

S – Donovan McMillon – Pitt – (34)

Player Brandon Johnson from Duke has a jersey number of 29.

Justin Barron from Syracuse is number 29 (S).

S – R.J. Mickens – Clemson (19)

S – Alijah Huzzie – North Carolina (18)

Akeem Dent from Florida State has a code of 18.

PK – John Love – Virginia Tech (60)

P – Dylan Joyce – Miami (19)

SP – Joe Shimko – NC State (26)

SP – Demond Claiborne – Wake Forest (22)

SP – Alijah Huzzie – North Carolina (19)

SP – Kenny Johnson – Pitt (18)