The owner of the Panthers is frustrated with their team's lackluster performance.

The owner of the Panthers is frustrated with their team’s lackluster performance.

After acquiring the Carolina Panthers, David Tepper has led the team to a record of 30-63, making them the worst performing team in the NFL during this time period.

The most recent time the snow plows were utilized was a day after the firing of head coach Frank by Panthers owner David Tepper. Tepper held a news conference with reporters, and WRAL sports anchor Chris Lee is currently in Charlotte. It did not seem like Tepper was eager to answer many questions. Today was an important day for Tepper to address the concerns of Panthers fans regarding his management of the franchise since taking over in 2018. During this time, the Panthers have had a record of 30 wins and 63 losses, making them the worst team in the NFL. Tepper has also fired three head coaches, including Frank yesterday, and has gone through multiple quarterbacks. He has gained a reputation for being an impatient and meddlesome owner. His short 13-minute press conference today was a clear indication of his impatience. However, Tepper claims that his actions have been necessary and that he is a patient person outside of football. He mentioned that his reputation in other aspects of his life is one of extreme patience, but that does not seem to translate to his role as owner of the Panthers. He stated that he would like to have a coach who stays with the team for 20-30 years, perhaps even 40 years. The media was expecting a longer Q&A session, but it was cut short to only 13 minutes due to pushback from the media. Tepper also seemed to be selective about which media outlets were allowed to ask questions, leading to further speculation about his intentions. Overall, it was an interesting and somewhat frustrating press conference that left more questions than answers about Tepper’s plans for the Panthers.