"Goodbye Frank, Wolfpack celebration week and a mascot you can eat (!) in the top sports moments of the week on WRALSportsFan.com."

“Goodbye Frank, Wolfpack celebration week and a mascot you can eat (!) in the top sports moments of the week on WRALSportsFan.com.”

Written by Clark Gerber, a contributor for WRAL Sports.

The world wide web is vast. If you’re not constantly connected (and it’s not advisable to do so), you may inevitably overlook some information.

We can complete that task. You can maintain good mental and emotional balance while also catching up on all the exciting sports highlights of the week through a brief review…

The Panthers have fired Reich, so who will be the next in line?

Unfortunately, it has occurred that Frank Reich has been dismissed by the Panthers.

David Tepper has now fired his head football coach for the second consecutive year during the season. This may come as a surprise, but it is not unexpected.

Particularly if you perused the piece I penned 14 days prior. (*gives self a congratulatory pat*)

Frank Reich after rookie minicamp

In retrospect, reclaiming the responsibility of making offensive plays from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown after only three games was likely a sign that Reich was feeling desperate and aware that his job was in jeopardy.

This video of Reich describing his unpleasant weekly meetings with owner David Tepper has a unique impact.

He was visibly unhappy, but there’s no need to feel sorry for him at the moment. The Panthers still have to pay him $30 million for the next four years. Being a fired NFL coach has its perks.

Moving on to the inquiry of “who will be next?”

One well-known individual who is entering the competition is Greg Olsen, a former tight end.

According to reports, Olsen, who currently works as the primary NFL analyst for FOX, would be open to coaching the Panthers if he was given the opportunity.

If you’ll permit me to slow down, the headline may seem attention-grabbing, but it lacks substance.

Many fans may be interested in coaching the Panthers, but that does not guarantee that they will be approached to do so.

The headline will only be newsworthy if the Panthers show mutual interest. However, that remains uncertain at this time.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that it is not enjoyable to contemplate, and many individuals appear to be in agreement.

Some people are not as persuaded.

We will keep track of the Panthers’ search for a new coach. If there are any developments regarding Olsen, we will update it here.

Wilson and the Wolfpack completely dominated UNC.

The highly anticipated college football rivalry in the state was not much of a competition.

On Saturday evening in Raleigh, NC State dominated North Carolina with a score of 39-20. In all honesty, the game was not even competitive.

The Wolfpack quickly took a 23-0 lead in the first half, preventing Drake Maye from making any significant passes and causing him to lose possession with a fumble.

NC State has now won three consecutive rivalry games, which greatly excited a passionate Dave Doeren in the locker room.

Doeren showed the same level of enthusiasm while advocating for senior linebacker Payton Wilson on the ACC Network postgame show.

Wilson recorded 15 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and 1 interception during the game against the Tar Heels. According to Doeren, this outstanding performance should make him a top contender for the Bednarik, Butkus, and Nagurski awards next month.

Despite a difficult beginning, it is truly impressive that NC State ended the season with a record of 9-3.

Wilson’s impressive stats of 138 tackles, 6 sacks, and 3 interceptions have greatly contributed to the Pack’s success. While some State fans may refer to him as “H11M,” his outstanding performance warrants recognition and awards.

3. Perfect in Paradise

The Wolfpack is dominating this week with the return of the women’s basketball team to the top 5 in the AP poll, and it’s well-deserved.

This week, NC State dominated the Paradise Jam tournament in the U.S. Virgin Islands with impressive victories against Kentucky, Cincinnati, and the third-ranked team, Colorado.

The Pack’s victory of 78-60 against the Buffaloes is their second double-digit win over a top 3 team this season. (Just a few weeks ago, they beat UConn by 11 points.)

The team has a balanced roster with four players who average 10 or more points. They also excel in defense, but their 3-point shooting could use improvement as they currently have a team average of only 33.6%. However, the most crucial aspect is that they have already faced tough competition and appear to have a strong bond among teammates.

Be cautious of them during March. This group has the potential to make it to the Final Four.

4. Charlotte sillyness

The current state of sports in the Charlotte region is rather lackluster. Both professional teams are performing poorly and their college football counterparts have not been much more successful.

Introduce Barclay Briggs, the potential hero that Charlotte requires and is worthy of at this moment.

Davidson’s backup offensive lineman, Briggs, recently declared for the NFL draft in a charming and unique manner.

With the caption Acts 2:15 (which reads in part ‘For these are not drunken, as ye suppose”), Briggs spoofed the type of open letter you might see on a star athlete’s social media, only he was as self-deprecating as possible.

“I will not contribute significant value to an NFL team, but I would likely be an enjoyable presence.”

After expressing gratitude towards influential figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Winston Churchill, I must concur.

Somebody draft him!

Hornets’ guard LaMelo Ball also delivered a memorable quote a few days later.

After defeating the Pistons, Ball was questioned about his preferred Thanksgiving meal but seemingly forgot he was being broadcasted live.

Caution: The video contains inappropriate language.

The options of chicken, turkey, and ham may be unexciting, but they are suitable choices. The peach cobbler may not be very adventurous, but LaMelo’s presentation of it was excellent.

Whenever I have a tasty meal, I feel the need to let the chef know it was absolutely delicious.

The concept of an edible mascot seems intriguing.

If you weren’t already enthusiastic about the Pop-Tarts Bowl in Orlando on December 28th, this announcement may persuade you otherwise.

On Monday, the upcoming bowl game declared that it will showcase the world’s first edible mascot, although the teams from the ACC and Big 12 have not been determined yet.

The victorious team will supposedly have the opportunity to take a taste.

I am completely amazed.

To be frank, I have no further contributions to make aside from posing a few inquiries.

Is the entire mascot outfit consumable or only a portion of it?

What is the number of players allowed to take a bite? If it includes everyone, it could potentially lead to everyone getting sick.

What flavor will the edible portion of the Pop-Tarts be?

The statement in the press release states that the mascot will turn into a celebratory snack for the winners, once the game is over. What exactly does this mean?

Is there a person wearing the mascot costume when it gets devoured? This is a crucial factor to consider, as it can also be quite disgusting.

6. Marshawn Lynch continues to be a national treasure

Few individuals in the world possess the innate ability to captivate an audience like retired Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch.

When the Kraken, Seattle’s NHL team, required a promoter for their new Winter Classic jerseys, they knew exactly who to reach out to.

Lynch made an unexpected visit to check out the new clothing, but when the team requested the return of the jersey, stating it was a unique prototype, “Beastmode” refused to comply.

The sweaters are a tribute to the old Seattle Metropolitans, who disbanded in 1924. They have a fantastic appearance.

On January 1st, the NHL’s annual Winter Classic will take place between the Kraken and the Vegas Golden Knights at T-Mobile Park in an outdoor setting.


Taylor Swift completed the 2023 leg of her global Eras Tour, and I’ll let you guess where she headed next.

There is no need for speculation as fans have found a way to monitor Swift’s personal airplane, which transported her from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Kansas City, where a specific Chiefs player lives.

I believe that this is the sole flight from Sao Paulo to Kansas City in the history of aviation.

Life advice: If you have a P.J., long distance relationships become much simpler.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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