NC State's standout receiver KC Concepcion is making a comeback, according to

NC State’s standout receiver KC Concepcion is making a comeback, according to

The author of this article is Brian Murphy, a journalist who works as an anchor and reporter for WRAL.

The coach of NC State, Dave Doeren, encouraged fans to back NIL collectives that aid the team on Saturday evening.

One of the groups revealed on Tuesday that KC Concepcion, the most dynamic offensive player for NC State, will come back to the Wolfpack in 2024 for his second year.

“He has returned,” reported Tom Livolsi, co-owner of Savave Wolves, to WRAL.

No. 21 NC State’s Concepcion was the top receiver with 767 yards, leading the team (9-3). The Savage Wolves shared on their social media that Concepcion had officially joined their collective for the 2024 season.

College football players can transfer to a different school without having to wait out a season. The opportunity for end-of-season transfers begins on December 4th, although several players have already declared their plans to transfer.

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NC State supporters have been concerned for a while now that Concepcion, a talented 5-foot-11 player from Charlotte, might transfer to a school with more financial resources. However, after Concepcion’s impressive performance of seven receptions for 131 yards and two touchdowns in NC State’s dominant 39-20 win over North Carolina on Saturday night, Doeren urged fans to back the team’s Savage Wolves and Pack of Wolves NIL program.

Doeren expressed his desire for 5,000 individuals to make a $1,000 donation to our NIL program. This would allow us to improve our ability to attract, keep, and nurture players in the NIL landscape, enabling our roster to reap the rewards.

Doeren’s plea resulted in a significant increase in contributions and enrollments for both NIL organizations.

The individual did not specifically refer to Concepcion. Despite the rule that schools are not allowed to communicate with players unless they enter the transfer portal, coaches have voiced concerns about “tampering” occurring weeks before the season’s end.

Livolsi stated that their goal is to avoid individuals from being influenced by external factors. They are ensuring that families and athletes are fully aware of their own value.

Doeren’s appeal resulted in a significant increase in donations and memberships for both NIL organizations.

Savage Wolves provides memberships for supporters at prices ranging from $500 per year to $50,000 per year. Each membership includes unique experiences, such as receiving personal phone calls from athletes, taking personalized tours of NC State football facilities with athletes, attending exclusive autograph sessions, and participating in athlete’s pro days and draft parties.

The team has organized sales of signed collectibles.

The roster of athletes for Savage Wolves includes 24 football players, including Concepcion.

Livolsi described Concepcion as the embodiment of NIL. He has great potential for marketing and has built a strong personal brand through his charitable endeavors and accomplishments on the field. To be proactive, we are taking steps to help him make the most of his earning opportunities as a college athlete through NIL. We have formed a partnership with him and hope that this will be his permanent home.