What to watch this week: ‘Oppenheimer,’ Adam Sandler as a reptile, and celebrities dancing to Taylor Swift.

Hannah Waddingham, known for her role in “Ted Lasso”, will be hosting a Christmas special, and the upcoming episode of “Dancing With the Stars” will feature celebrities dancing to the tunes of Taylor Swift. These are just a few of the exciting new additions in television, movies, music, and games that will soon be available on your devices.

Some noteworthy options recommended by The Associated Press’ entertainment reporters include a compilation of 55 singles by Tina Turner spanning from 1975 to 2023, the release of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” for home viewing, and Adam Sandler’s portrayal of a 74-year-old lizard in Netflix’s animated film “Leo.”

“Is your home entertainment system ready for Christopher Nolan’s epic film ‘Oppenheimer’? After dominating the box office with a whopping $950 million, the three-hour movie will finally be available for streaming at home starting Tuesday. You can purchase a UHD version for $19.99, or opt for the 4K Ultra HD or Blu-Ray options which include over 3 hours of bonus material, all personally curated by Nolan himself. AP Film Writer Jake Coyle praised the film in his review, stating that while it features stunning visuals and deep themes, it also remains grounded and human, solidifying its place as one of Nolan’s greatest works.”

Adam Sandler portrays a 74-year-old chameleon character named “Leo” in Netflix’s new animated feature, available for streaming on Tuesday. Feeling unfulfilled with his life in captivity, Leo attempts to devise a plan to break free when a student from the school takes him home. However, things don’t go as planned and he ends up bonding with some of the young students when they discover he can talk. Sandler is joined by a talented comedic voice cast, including Bill Burr, Cecily Strong, Jason Alexander, Jo Koy, and Rob Schneider.

Could Little Richard be considered the true king of rock ‘n’ roll? The documentary “Little Richard: I Am Everything,” directed by Lisa Cortés and available on Max on Thursday, presents a convincing argument. His bold and daring lyrics, fashion, and music greatly influenced future famous acts such as the Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John, Mick Jagger, and even filmmaker John Waters, who credits his own mustache as a nod to Little Richard. In his review, AP critic Mark Kennedy states that Cortés’ film not only tells Little Richard’s story, but also captures the evolution of American rock music and how it was embraced by rebellious teenagers in the 1950s and appropriated by white bands.

— AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr

Tina Turner, known as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” passed away in May 2023, leaving behind a remarkable body of work. To honor her legacy, Rhino Records will release a collection of all her singles from 1975 to 2023, titled “Turner, Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” on Black Friday. This collection includes 55 tracks on five vinyl records and three CDs. For those who prefer digital media, the set will also be available on streaming platforms as part of our “What to Stream” series.

The popular British boy band turned man-pop group, Take That, is set to release their ninth studio album titled “This Life.” This marks their first full-length album in seven years, a notable reunion for a band that has not taken a break. The album is also receiving much anticipation as the songs have a cheerful and inviting feel, especially evident in their acoustic single “Windows.” This may be attributed to the influence of Savannah, Georgia, where most of the record was produced. This album is a delightful offering from one of the most successful bands in British chart history, showcasing their renewed sound through collaboration with old friends.

Maria Sherman, the AP music writer.

Ever since it first aired on FX as a rotating series, “Fargo” has consistently brought on board a diverse and exceptional group of actors, such as Billy Bob Thornton, Chris Rock, and Kirsten Dunst, to immerse themselves in its eccentric world of small-town Midwesterners entangled in legal troubles. The upcoming fifth installment of “Fargo,” premiering on Tuesday, follows suit with Juno Temple taking on the role of a woman whose odd actions draw the interest of the town’s law enforcement. Joining her are Jon Hamm, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Richa Moorjani, Joe Keery, Lamorne Morris, and Dave Foley.

Celebrities on the 32nd season of “Dancing with the Stars” have had to perform various styles such as jive, waltz, and foxtrot in themed episodes including Disney music, music videos, and a tribute to Whitney Houston. On the upcoming Tuesday episode, dedicated to Taylor Swift, we will see if they are truly “…Ready for It.” The show featured a video message from Swift herself, expressing her excitement to watch the celebration of her eras. Who will be the standout performer of the night and quickly climb to the top of the leaderboard? Esteemed choreographer Mandy Moore joins as a guest judge to help make that decision.

In 2021, “Squid Game” was released on Netflix, drawing in viewers with its terrifying child-like games. On Wednesday, the streaming platform introduces “Squid Game: The Challenge,” a 10-episode competition inspired by the show’s deadly challenges. Unlike the original story, this version features real people participating in non-life-threatening challenges. The competition starts with 450 contestants from around the world, all vying for a grand prize of $4.56 million.

The popular children’s book “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams is now available on Apple TV+ as a special edition. The voices of Helena Bonham Carter and Nicola Coughlan from “Bridgerton” are featured in this adaptation, which combines live-action and animation. The heartwarming story follows a young boy who receives a special toy for Christmas and discovers a magical world with valuable lessons about friendship. Don’t miss its premiere this Wednesday.

Hannah Waddingham, who won an Emmy for her role in “Ted Lasso,” is also well-known for her experience in musical theater. Her musical abilities are on display in the Apple TV+ Christmas special, “Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas.” The concert, which premieres on Wednesday, was recorded at the London Coliseum in front of a live audience and includes appearances by special guests.

— Alicia Rancilio

During the holiday week, major game publishers are on break, but there are still interesting independent games to explore while you recuperate from your Thanksgiving feast. One of these is Worldless, a joint effort by three European studios, which combines turn-based combat with platforming and exploration in a visually captivating “newborn universe.” It will be released on Tuesday for Xbox X/S/One, PlayStation 5/4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The game “In Stars and Time” by Armor Games, based in California, has a grounded feel with its black-and-white graphics reminiscent of anime and 1980s Mac games. However, as the characters realize they are stuck in a time loop, the game takes an unexpected turn into a metaphysical puzzle. The journey will be available on PlayStation 5/4, Nintendo Switch, and PC starting Monday.

— Lou Kesten


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