Lea: The Carolina Panthers require immediate change according to WRALSportsFan.com.

Lea: The Carolina Panthers require immediate change according to WRALSportsFan.com.

Chris Lea, a sports anchor and reporter for WRAL-TV, wrote this statement.

The Carolina Panthers’ victory over the Dallas Cowboys was unexpected. It was widely anticipated that the Cowboys would win with a score of 33-10. However, the manner in which the Panthers are losing is causing concern.

The Carolina Panthers, with a record of 1-9, have been plagued by turnovers, penalties, and poor performance from their offensive line. Unfortunately, these issues seem to be worsening. In their latest game, the Panthers only managed to gain 187 yards of total offense, while their quarterback Bryce Young was sacked six times and they accumulated numerous penalties.

Therefore, a modification is necessary.

Frank Reich recognized the necessity for a shift, prompting him to resume play-calling responsibilities after entrusting it to Thomas Brown for three consecutive weeks. However, further adjustments are necessary for the team’s success. While it may not occur immediately, it is evident that this coaching staff cannot be the guiding force for the team’s future.

One possible beginning position would be as a General Manager. The Carolina Panthers’ GM, Scott Fitterer, has made several questionable choices in terms of building the team’s roster, and it is evident that their current roster is among the weakest in the entire NFL.

If the Panthers were built with a strong roster, despite poor coaching, their talented players would still be able to win a few games. However, the team is currently struggling due to a combination of inadequate talent and coaching.

In 2022, Matt Rhule was dismissed from his coaching position early in the season. Despite this setback, the team had the opportunity to salvage their season. Acting head coach Steve Wilks remarkably led the Panthers to playoff contention after their disappointing 1-4 start.

At this time, the Panthers are unable to take the risk of attempting such a run. Therefore, dismissing Reich during the current season and potentially causing another change in play-calling for Young would be detrimental. I am not suggesting that Reich should come back in 2024, but he should at least finish out the remainder of this season.

The early departure of Fitterer will not negatively impact the current players, but it does signal that change is imminent and everyone should take notice.

It gives owner David Tepper some time to find the right GM to fill Fitterer’s shoes, come up with a plan and hopefully, stick to that plan in regards to this team’s future. A new GM more than likely would mean a new head coach next season and we can wait for that. But in 2023, in this present moment, something drastic needs to change because 1-9 is not acceptable.

Source: wralsportsfan.com