Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is appealing to Indian developers to use the company's artificial intelligence tools.

Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is appealing to Indian developers to use the company’s artificial intelligence tools.

In a speech to over one thousand Indian computer programmers on Thursday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella encouraged the use of the company’s artificial intelligence tools that are being implemented in its products.

In a speech in Bengaluru, also known as India’s “Silicon Valley,” Nadella pointed out that there are currently over 13.2 million developers from India on GitHub, a popular online platform for software development. This number is second only to the developers from the United States, but it is predicted that India will surpass the US and take the top spot by 2027 or 2028.

According to Nadella, Microsoft Corp. believes that implementing AI technology can contribute to 10% or $500 billion of India’s 2025 GDP goal. However, he did not provide further details.

Microsoft is building its fourth data center in India near the city of Hyderabad, where Nadella grew up. It already has data centers in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai. Nadella will visit Hyderabad before returning to the United States.

“Our initial investments focus on the fundamental infrastructure,” stated Nadella.

Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, gave it a head start in the boom involving generative AI, but the software giant faces competition from Google and other rivals. Nadella boasted in a speech in Mumbai on Wednesday that his company is still ahead on most benchmarks.

The speaker claimed that their model is superior and they are anticipating the arrival of their competition. They expressed confidence in the competition’s eventual arrival.

This week, Nadella celebrated his 10th year as CEO of Microsoft. The company’s market value has reached $3 trillion, surpassing that of any other publicly traded company, including its longtime competitor Apple Inc.

The Indian branch of Microsoft, located in Hyderabad, has 11 offices scattered throughout the country with a workforce of approximately 18,000 individuals. The company has revealed multiple initiatives focused on the Indian market and its skilled workers, such as a month-long AI training course for 100,000 developers and a recent announcement in Mumbai stating plans to provide AI training for 2 million Indians by 2025.

Microsoft considers India to be a crucial market. In June, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nadella met during Modi’s trip to the U.S. AI was listed as one of the main topics of their discussion, according to Microsoft.


O’Brien filed a report from Providence, Rhode Island.