In June, Anthony Fauci will release 'On Call', a reflection on his extensive career in government.

In June, Anthony Fauci will release ‘On Call’, a reflection on his extensive career in government.

NEW YORK (AP) — Dr. Anthony Fauci has a memoir coming out in June, a look back at his long career as an infectious disease expert and the many outbreaks he contended with, from HIV/AIDS to the COVID-19 pandemic that made him famous.

On Thursday, Viking revealed that Fauci’s book, “On Call: A Doctor’s Journey in Public Service,” will be released on June 18.

“I am optimistic that this memoir will act as a customized record for readers to gain a deeper understanding of the difficult obstacles we have encountered in the field of public health in the last 40 years,” stated Fauci in a press release by Viking on Thursday. “Additionally, my goal is to encourage younger individuals, especially, to contemplate pursuing careers in public health and public service.”

Fauci, who is 83 years old, held the position of director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within the National Institutes of Health for almost four decades. He also served as President Joe Biden’s primary medical consultant until his retirement in 2022. Throughout his career, Fauci worked under seven different presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan. However, he gained widespread recognition during his tenure in Donald Trump’s administration, during which he frequently clashed with the White House over the appropriate approach to handling the coronavirus.

Fauci, known for his distinct voice and straightforward approach, was widely seen as the government’s go-to person during the peak of the pandemic. However, he and Trump grew apart as the latter pushed for a quicker resumption of regular life and promoted unverified treatments. Republicans and those opposed to vaccinations have continuously attacked Fauci on various matters and even published books criticizing him, such as Sen. Rand Paul’s “Deception: The Great Covid Cover-Up” and Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

Fauci had faced controversy in the past. During the 1980s, the activist group ACT UP criticized Fauci for his perceived lack of action in addressing the spread of AIDS. However, he was able to gain the support of many of his detractors by engaging with ACT UP members and fulfilling their demands, such as allowing individuals with HIV to serve on research committees and expediting the search for treatments.

During the tenure of President George W. Bush, Fauci played a key role in creating PEPFAR, also known as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. In recognition of his contributions to the study and care of HIV/AIDS, Fauci was honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Bush in 2008.

The financial details of Fauci’s book were not revealed. He was assisted by Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, who has previously represented Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton.