The top spot in the final rankings for Boys Cross Country goes to Marvin Ridge.

The top spot in the final HighSchoolOT boys cross country rankings has been claimed by a new team for the fourth consecutive year.

The HSOT calculates final rankings by combining championship times from all classifications and associations into one state meet.

The Mavericks from Marvin Ridge, who are the 4A state champions of the N.C. High School Athletic Association, had a strong enough team to defeat all other competitors in the state. This resulted in their first time being ranked as the No. 1 team.

Previous final rankings

A total of 16 teams from the preseason top 25 remained in the final rankings, with No. 8 Jesse Carson being the highest ranked team that started the year unranked. Marvin Ridge was ranked second in the preseason.

The top-ranked team from last year, Christ School, dropped to ninth place this year.

Providence Day, the N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association 4A champion, placed seventh in the rankings. Croatan, the 3A champion, came in second, and Brevard, the 2A champion, ranked 14th. Lejeune, the 1A champion, Forsyth Country Day, the NCISAA 3A champion, Davidson Day, the NCISAA 2A champion, and Oakwood School, the NCISAA 1A champion, were not included in the rankings.

Ardrey Kell, Chapel Hill, Hoggard, T.C. Roberson, and Weddington are the sole schools to consistently rank in the top 25 for boys cross country for all four years of the annual final rankings.

Next week, the all-state team will be announced.

Final rankings for boys cross country in the HSOT league

The rankings were determined by combining the times from all classifications and associations in a single state meet. The list includes each team’s final placement and overall points earned.

  1. Marvin Ridge 196, 4A champ
  2. Croatan 259, 3A champ
  3. Broughton 319, 4A: 2nd
  4. Orange 355, 3A: 2nd
  5. Hoggard 376, 4A: 5th
  6. Leesville Road 496, 4A: 6th
  7. Providence Day School achieved victory in the NCISAA 4A championship.

  8. Jesse Carson 591, 3A: 3rd
  9. in state

    Christ School in North Carolina placed 3rd in the NCISAA 4A state competition.

  10. Weddington 620, 4A: 8th
  11. Place

    Second place at the NCISAA 4A competition for Charlotte Country Day with a score of 659.

  12. Place

    Third place in 4A division at T.C. Roberson High School, 707.

  13. Chapel Hill 714, 4A: 10th
  14. Brevard 717, 2A champ
  15. day

    Day 730 of the Covenant, in the NCISAA 4A division, was the fourth day of competition.

  16. Place

    Ardrey Kell High School came in 4th place in the 4A category with a score of 743.

  17. Athens Drive 759, 4A: 12th
  18. Riverside 774, 4A: 13th
  19. Jan

    The initial journey of Flight 787, seat 3A, is scheduled for January 4th.

  20. North Lincoln 788, 3A: 5th
  21. Holly Springs 807, 4A: 16th
  22. Reagan 815, 4A: 9th
  23. Apex Friendship 831, 4A: 15th
  24. Jordan 834, 4A: 14th
  25. Cuthbertson 861, 4A: 7th