The Scholar Athletes of the Month for October are Quinn Roberts from T.C. Roberson and Kacey Gore from McMichael.

The Scholar Athletes of the Month for October are Quinn Roberts from T.C. Roberson and Kacey Gore from McMichael.

HighSchoolOT and APlus Test Prep are excited to reveal the recipients of the HighSchoolOT Male & Female Scholar Athletes of the Month for October 2023.

The HighSchoolOT Scholar Athlete of the Month award, sponsored by APlus Test Prep, honors one male and one female senior high school student-athlete in North Carolina each month. These individuals demonstrate excellence both in their athletic performance and academic achievements, as well as involvement in their community.

Each month until May 2024, one male and one female will be chosen as winners. Nominations can be submitted at any point on HighSchoolOT. Every monthly winner will also be considered as a finalist for the HighSchoolOT Honors Scholar Athlete of the Year Award at the end of the academic year.

The October 2023 victors are:

  • High School

    Quinn Roberts from T.C. Roberson High School has been named the Male Scholar Athlete of the Month for October.

  • October Female Scholar Athlete of the Month: Kacey Gore, McMichael

Quinn Roberts (T.C. Roberson soccer)

Quinn Roberts is an exceptional soccer athlete at T.C. Roberson High School, and his academic achievements are unparalleled.

Roberts has a 4.7 GPA, which puts him at the top of his class. He consistently earned “A” grades in high school and achieved a score of 33 on the ACT.

Roberts is also an active member of his community. He has participated in food drives and school supply drives as community service projects. Roberts has also volunteered for the Hemlock Restoration Initiatives in the Pisgah National Forest, which aims to reduce the effect of Hemlock blight.

Roberts is actively engaged in various activities at his school. He holds membership in the National Honor Society, co-founded the snowboarding club, and is also a member of the National Social Studies Honor Society.

Roberts is one of the co-captains on the soccer field for T.C. Roberson, and under his leadership, the team was able to win the conference championship. He is also the top scorer, with 26 goals in just 20 games played. In addition, he has seven assists, bringing his total points for the season to 59 as they enter the state playoffs.

This is Quinn Roberts speaking:

What significance does your academic achievement hold for you?

I value my academic achievements because they give me the opportunity to choose my future path. My goal is to have a well-rounded knowledge that will enable me to excel in any field I choose to pursue. Additionally, I take pride in my academic performance and strive to be seen as a responsible and accomplished student.

In what ways have participating in sports benefited you academically? Are there any particular skills or values that you have acquired through sports that are applicable to real life?

Playing soccer has instilled in me the values of patience and awareness, and has fostered a strong sense of competitiveness within me. From a young age, I strived to be the best on my soccer team, constantly working hard to secure a spot on the top club team. This same drive has carried over into my academic pursuits, as I aim to maintain my position at the top of my class and earn straight A’s throughout high school. On the field, I have learned the importance of patience, as rushing through things often leads to a subpar result. This lesson applies to real life situations as well, reminding me to stay patient when the desired outcome is not immediately achieved. Moreover, soccer has enhanced my awareness of my surroundings and sharpened my focus, allowing me to perform at my best when completely locked in. Lastly, the sport has taught me to never give up, as there is always a chance for a comeback if I remain determined.

What tips would you offer to younger students in high school as a senior?

As a sophomore, I didn’t believe the seniors who told me that high school would fly by. But now, in the blink of an eye, I am approaching my senior year. My advice to younger students is to cherish every moment spent with your teammates, as you will one day look back and want to relive those memories. Don’t let success go to your head, as it may lead to humbling experiences. Be proud of your performance, give your all on the field, and appreciate the limited time you have as a high school athlete.

What are your future aspirations for college and beyond?

I intend to enroll in a university for four years and follow my interest in mathematics while also participating in either varsity or club soccer. My goal is to major in mathematics, business, and finance with the hopes of one day launching my own business. I would also like to spend a semester living abroad and immersing myself in a new culture. Additionally, I am interested in learning about real estate trading and pursuing opportunities in that market as it aligns with my skill set.

Kacey Gore, a member of the McMichael volleyball team.

Kacey Gore excels both on the volleyball court as a state champion at McMichael and in the classroom as a stellar student.

Gore ranks among the top five students in her class due to achieving a GPA of 4.5. She has been recognized on the “A” honor roll, is a member of the National Honor Society, holds the position of treasurer in the BETA club, received the Superintendent’s Award, and served as a Junior Marshall at her school.

Gore is also a member of the Pep Club, works with Students Against Destructive Decisions, and is the class treasurer for the Class of 2024.

Gore is a dedicated member of her community, actively participating in various volunteer activities such as youth camps and the Juniorettes.

During this season, Gore from McMichael’s volleyball team had a total of 95 sets played. Within these sets, she achieved 51 kills, 53 serving aces, 80 assists, and 363 digs. Additionally, she only made 15 errors out of 487 receptions.

Here is Kacey Gore’s own statement:

What significance does your academic achievement hold for you?

I place great value on my academic achievements as I have consistently obtained straight A’s since the third grade. As I entered high school, I realized the impact my GPA would have on my future and therefore dedicated myself to excelling in my studies, resulting in a spot in the top ten of my class.

What impact have sports had on your academic performance? What valuable insights have you gained from participating in sports that can be applied to real life situations?

Participating in sports has positively impacted my academic performance by helping me stay motivated towards achieving my goals. Initially, my goal was to make the school volleyball team, but it evolved into a bigger goal of playing in college. It is important to maintain good grades in order to be recruited by colleges. Playing sports has also taught me valuable leadership skills. As a captain of various teams, I have learned how to effectively work with others and guide them through both successes and challenges.

What tips would you offer to younger students in high school as a senior?

My recommendation for younger students would be to prioritize your school assignments and stay engaged in extracurricular activities. This is important because high school passes quickly.

What are your future aspirations for college and beyond?

I am currently enrolled at the University of Mount Olive for college, where I plan to pursue my passion for volleyball and study accounting. My goal after college is to join a corporation, start a family, and eventually pursue a master’s degree.

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