The Panthers emerged victorious, causing frustration among coaches and earning Chef Curry a spot in the top sports moments of the week on

The Panthers emerged victorious, causing frustration among coaches and earning Chef Curry a spot in the top sports moments of the week on

Written by Clark Gerber, contributor for WRAL Sports.

The world wide web is vast. Unless you are constantly connected (which is not advised), you may overlook certain things.

We will complete the task. It is possible to maintain a balanced life while also watching the top sports highlights of the week through a brief review.

1. That winning feeling

The 2023 season has not been kind to the Carolina Panthers. The team has faced numerous injuries and a struggling offense, resulting in them being the only winless team in the NFL going into the weekend.

After achieving their first victory on Sunday, which was sealed by a last-second field goal, it was evident that there was a great deal of built-up emotion. It was as if a massive burden had been lifted from both the team and their fans.

Frankie Luvu, the linebacker who is highly respected by his team and beloved by fans, had a wide smile on his face as he expressed his gratitude to the most dedicated supporters of the squad.

However, no one was more excited than newcomer quarterback Bryce Young, who achieved his first win as a professional.

The matchup was hyped up as a showdown between him and CJ Stroud (who was selected one pick after Young and has had a stronger season so far). Despite the rookie’s statements, it was clear that winning this competition meant a great deal to him. Congratulations to him.

Please note: The video below contains explicit language that may not be suitable for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

College football coaches had a challenging week for testing.

College football coaches are typically grumpy individuals. They tend to lead their teams with strict authority and do not appreciate being challenged or questioned.

Over the weekend, there were several exciting coaching outbursts in the Carolinas. Each one had its own unique entertainment value.

In Raleigh, the coach of NC State, Dave Doeren, expressed dissatisfaction despite his team’s victory against Clemson. In fact, he ended his postgame interview with some direct comments towards former Panthers star, Steve Smith Sr.

(Notice: Explicit language in the following video)

Previously mentioned in this area, it is advised not to provoke Steve Smith Sr. However, during his appearance as the guest picker on ESPN’s College Gameday, Smith made a comment about NC State anticipating basketball season. This may explain Doeren’s reaction.

However, following their defeat to NC State, Clemson’s record is now 4-4.

The beginning of this season has been one of the worst in recent memory for head coach Dabo Swinney, causing some Tiger fans to become increasingly impatient.

A caller named “Tyler from Spartanburg” voiced concerns on Swinney’s radio show about the coach’s high salary despite the team not meeting expectations.

Swinney then delivered a passionate and extensive response that is highly valuable content (particularly for those who dislike Clemson).

Our last upset coach of the week is Biff Poggi from Charlotte, known for his relaxed sideline clothing.

Poggi took over as head coach of the 49ers, but the team has not been performing well. In his first season, they have a record of 2-6. During their recent game against FAU, Poggi expressed his disappointment in a straightforward interview, using colorful language to describe the team’s struggles.

A gathering for Marty at Carter-Finley Stadium.

Jordan Martinook, a forward for the Hurricanes, is recognized for his lively manner and extroverted nature. His pregame videos titled “MISTA SVECHNIKOV!!!” never fail to bring a smile.

When Martinook was chosen as the Alpha Wolf Starter of the Game for NC State on Saturday, it was clear that he would give it his all.

He definitely did.

Stick taps to Martinook for bringing the energy (and possibly inspiring the Wolfpack to a win). Also, well wishes to him after a puck hit him in the face during Monday’s win over Philadelphia.

Duke plants the flag.

Have you heard this one before? This week, Duke basketball added a significant recruit to their team.

Yawn, right?

Well, think again.

On Monday, Cooper Flagg made a commitment to the Blue Devils. According to experts, the 16-year-old is highly likely to be selected as the top pick in the 2025 NBA Draft and may even become the most talented college player since Zion Williamson.

Flagg has been moved to the Class of 2024, meaning he will join Duke’s team next year. However, he will not reach 18 years of age until the middle of the season.

The 6 feet and 9 inches tall forward possesses a diverse set of skills. He was awarded the MVP at the NBA Players Association Top 100 camp in June, and has shown complete dominance at other showcase events.

There is speculation that he may have outplayed Bradley Beal, a three-time All-Star, in a one-on-one game.

This is not an ordinary top prospect. Cooper Flagg will become a standout player.

5. Steph Curry COOKS the Rockets

Breaking news: Steph Curry remains highly skilled in the sport of basketball.

On Monday, the person from North Carolina scored 42 points in a victory against the New Orleans Pelicans. Surprisingly, that wasn’t even their most impressive moment of the week.

On Sunday night, Chef Curry showed off his range against the Houston Rockets by hitting four consecutive three-pointers in the 4th quarter to secure the win.

Curry’s final shot, in which he skillfully evaded Dillon Brooks multiple times, was his masterpiece. The play itself was impressive, but the ensuing reaction was even more entertaining and quickly became a viral meme.

6. Historic World Series moment

If you’re not tuned in to the World Series featuring the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks, you’re not the only one.

Unfortunately, Friday night’s Game 1 of the World Series had the lowest recorded viewership in history. This is unfortunate because it was an incredibly exciting and memorable game.

In the 11th inning, Adolis Garcia, who has been dominating for the Rangers in the playoffs, smashed a walk-off home run, causing the home fans to go wild with excitement.

This is the first time a walk-off home run has occurred in a World Series Game 1 since Kirk Gibson’s memorable pinch-hit home run in 1988.

This marks the 17th walk-off home run in a World Series game, which may seem insignificant, but this event has been ongoing since 1903.

Additionally, the Rangers are aiming to win their inaugural World Series championship after 62 years of existence.

Appears to be significant … perhaps it would benefit more of us to pay attention?


Taylor Swift was absent from the Chiefs-Broncos game over the weekend due to her preparations for her upcoming international tour. However, there may be a possibility that Travis Kelce will have to request her to cancel her tour and stay with him.

Reword: The Kansas City team, particularly Travis, has performed exceptionally well when Taylor is present this season. However, on Sunday, without her, they suffered a significant loss against the Broncos, marking their first defeat since Peyton Manning was their quarterback.

Afterwards, they were pranked with the choice of postgame music.

A few days prior, Kelce had a more positive association with “Shake it Off” when he was seen at Game 1 of the World Series in Texas.

Kelce appeared on the large screen with his girlfriend’s song in the background, and he seized the opportunity to bust a move.

After a while, he was seen enthusiastically singing along to Taylor’s “Love Story” at a party after the game. We’ll excuse him for not knowing all the lyrics… it’s the passion that matters!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have officially become the most popular Halloween costume choice for couples of all ages! Apologies to Barbie and Ken, but it looks like they’ll have to try again next year.

Predictable? Yes.

Adorable? Also yes.

I will see you in one week’s time.