Scott Chadwick, the high school coach of Drake Maye, is not surprised by Maye's accomplishments. He states, "He remains the same person."

Scott Chadwick, the high school coach of Drake Maye, is not surprised by Maye’s accomplishments. He states, “He remains the same person.”

A skilled soccer coach has the ability to engage in playful banter.

“Scott teases Ryan about his extensive collection of college team shirts from the east coast, as they watch their players warm up at Clayton High School.”

“Are you being financially compensated by those schools to wear their merchandise daily?”

A skilled coach is proficient in the language of “QB”.

“Chadwick asked starting quarterback Johnathan Montague, ‘Can you perform a 1-2, 1-2-3 on that?’ I don’t want to disrupt your throwing rhythm, but it may confuse the opposing team.”

Small things like this have contributed to Montague receiving scholarship opportunities from notable universities such as Boston College, Arkansas State, and Temple. Chadwick has expertise in coaching potential division one quarterbacks. Prior to joining Clayton in 2022, he coached UNC’s Drake Maye at Myers Park in Charlotte.

Chadwick stated to WRAL that he believes he played a role in his current success, but he also admits he is not at all shocked by it.

The characteristics that caught the attention of NFL scouts in Chapel Hill were also present in Maye’s initial plays at Myers Park.

Chadwick remarked that his physical abilities were impressive. He was able to throw well and his size was evident in his frame. However, the most significant aspect was his demeanor and the way he presented himself, which showed the type of person he was even at that young age.

Chadwick stated that there is one thing he is extremely proud of, and that is his unwavering demeanor, character, and sense of self, which has remained constant throughout all the years that he has known him.

Unfortunately, Maye’s final year of high school football was cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, during his time as the starting quarterback for Myers Park, he managed to throw for 6,713 yards and 86 touchdowns with a completion rate of 68.5%. While Maye’s football abilities were impressive, Chadwick also fondly recalls his talent on the basketball court.

In his second year of high school, we made it to the regional championship game. By the time he joined our basketball team, they had already played multiple games,” Chadwick explained. “When Drake joined the team, he initially stepped back and allowed the experienced players to lead, but it was clear that he had the potential to make a significant impact.”

“I will always remember a Friday night in January at Porter Ridge when they were playing a game that they were expected to win easily. However, they were down by ten points going into the fourth quarter,” Chadwick recalled. “It was clear that Drake had reached his limit with his basketball teammates and decided to take control of the game. He scored fourteen points and grabbed nine rebounds in the fourth quarter, leading them to a comeback victory. From that moment on, he was the standout player on the team and they went on to reach the quarter-finals.”

Chadwick notices the same drive and determination in Maye’s performance at UNC, and he also sees the same kind and respectful individual he knew from high school.

I often get asked about the way he speaks in interviews – with a few “yes sirs” and “golly gees”. Some people think it’s just an act, but Chadwick clarifies that it’s not. It’s simply a reflection of how he was raised.

Maye’s good conduct is a valuable asset for any NFL team looking to have him as the face of their franchise. As he considers whether to enter the draft or return to school, Chadwick recalls Maye’s decision-making process for choosing his college.

According to Chadwick, he wanted to make it clear to college coaches that he did not intend to attend North Carolina. Many assumed that because his brothers and father went there, he would follow suit.

Maye’s sibling, Luke, was a standout player for the UNC basketball team from 2015-19, while their father, Mark, was the starting quarterback for the Tar Heels in 1986 and 1987. Despite these familial connections, Maye initially planned to play for Alabama. However, according to Chadwick, it was Bryce Young’s decision to switch from USC to the Crimson Tide that influenced Maye to change his mind.

According to Chadwick, he had concerns about being blocked from opportunities at Alabama and started considering other options. However, North Carolina remained committed to recruiting him even while he was still committed to Alabama, taking advantage of the fact that he frequently visited campus to watch his brother play basketball.

“He approached me and informed me that he was no longer committed to Alabama and was instead choosing to attend North Carolina,” Chadwick recalled. “I couldn’t help but laugh and say, ‘So you’re finally going to the school you’ve been denying for the past two years?’ I told him he could go wherever he pleased, but I wasn’t going to be the one to break the news to coach Saban.”

When Maye’s draft day arrives, his only decision will be which friends and family members to invite.

Chadwick recalled that one morning during the pandemic, before he left for North Carolina, they had breakfast together. As they were leaving, he turned to him and expressed his wish for a seat in the green room.

Chadwick added, “This was prior to his time in North Carolina. I had a hunch that he had the potential to be selected in the first round of the draft.”