Lea: It's still too early for the Young vs. Stroud debate :: WRALSportsFan.com

Lea: It’s still too early for the Young vs. Stroud debate :: WRALSportsFan.com

Rewritten: WRAL-TV’s sports anchor and reporter, Chris Lea.

— Wins and losses have become too much of a quarterback stat instead of what it really is: a team stat.

Prior to the game between the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans, there was a lot of buzz surrounding C.J. Stroud as the standout rookie quarterback from the 2023 draft. This was largely due to the Texans having a record of 3-3. On the other hand, the Panthers had yet to win a game at 0-6 and had a losing streak of 0-5 with Bryce Young as their starting quarterback.

Some Panthers supporters have become restless, expressing their doubts on social media about the team’s decision to draft first overall. Even if the Panthers had selected Stroud over Young, Stroud would have faced challenges with an ineffective offensive line, receivers who struggle to create distance, and questionable choices in play-calling and strategy after six games into the season. I shared this opinion on X/Twitter with a fan during the game.

Regardless of how their professional paths unfold, Young will always be able to claim that he emerged victorious in the first direct competition with the Panthers, narrowly defeating the Texans with a score of 15-13.

Youth also has something to brag about that Stroud lacks.

Following his impressive performance in the victory, Young has solidified his place in NFL history as only the third rookie quarterback to successfully complete 20 or more passes in each of his first six games. Despite facing constant pressure from opposing teams, Young has consistently showcased his exceptional accuracy, cementing himself as the top quarterback in the league.

Before facing the Panthers, Stroud’s team, the Texans, had given up 13 sacks, ranking them 13th in the league for most sacks allowed this season. However, in the game against the Panthers, Stroud was only sacked twice.

The Panthers, led by Young, gave up a total of 19 sacks in their first six games and an additional six against the Texans. This ranked them 22nd in the league prior to Sunday.

Young and Stroud are currently in contrasting circumstances with varying priorities. It is premature to declare the top quarterback of their class, thus we must be patient and observe how things unfold.

Having said that, Young has a record of 1 win and 0 losses against his childhood friend, and he will always have the satisfaction of being able to brag about it.

Even in a more unfavorable scenario.

Source: wralsportsfan.com