Bryce Young outshines C.J. Stroud as the Panthers secure their first win of the season against the Texans with a score of 15-13.

Bryce Young outshines C.J. Stroud as the Panthers secure their first win of the season against the Texans with a score of 15-13.

The author of this article is Steve Reed, a sports writer for the Associated Press.

Bryce Young, who was selected as the top overall pick by Carolina instead of C.J. Stroud, has been aware of the criticism surrounding their decision. Despite Stroud’s impressive statistics for Houston, some have questioned whether Carolina made the right choice.

Young has remained unfazed by it.

He has been preoccupied with situations similar to the one he encountered on Sunday: having the opportunity to guide his team to a win in the final quarter.

The first pick in the draft successfully led the Panthers on an 86-yard drive in 15 plays, resulting in a game-winning 23-yard field goal by Eddy Pineiro as time ran out. This secured Carolina’s first win of the season against the Stroud’s Texans, with a final score of 15-13.

“You thrive on opportunities like that,” Young stated. “You enter with the chance to determine the outcome of the game and strive to seize it. Being down by one, what more could you ask for? That’s the reason we play.”

The victorious play involved a crucial 3-yard pass in a difficult coverage to Adam Thielen on a fourth-and-2, allowing the team to continue their drive.

“According to Young, Adam performed well in a one-on-one situation, successfully creating space and making a difficult catch. It was a challenging and closely contested catch, especially with the game on the line, but Adam’s performance comes as no surprise.”

The Panthers (1-6) ended a 56-game losing streak in which they were behind at any point in the fourth quarter, the longest in NFL history since at least 1991. The last time Carolina made a comeback in the fourth quarter was on October 21, 2018, against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Stroud, selected second overall, finished 16 of 24 for 140 yards and ran for a touchdown for Houston (3-4).

However, Houston’s offensive performance was lackluster for the majority of the game. They only had one play that gained more than 20 yards against the Panthers defense, which had been dominated in their previous two games, giving up a total of 84 points and 12 touchdowns.

“The Texans coach, DeMeco Ryans, stated that when it comes to any quarterback, particularly a young one, opposing teams will always strategize. As more footage becomes available, they will identify the quarterback’s strengths and adjust their game plan to challenge him. It’s important for the quarterback to continue developing and gaining knowledge. Despite this challenge, C.J. is capable and will bounce back.”

In the end, Young emerged victorious over Stroud, just as he did when they first crossed paths as eighth graders on the football field in Fontana, California. This encounter sparked a childhood friendship that has endured until present day.

Before the game, the two embraced and after the game, Young waited for Stroud outside the locker room. They had a brief conversation.

Young passed for 235 yards and scored a touchdown, but it was his composure during the last drive of the game that may reassure Panthers fans who have been longing for a playoff appearance, that he could be the suitable candidate for the position.

Thielen remarked that Young was self-assured and prepared for the crucial drive.

Thielen remarked that it wasn’t just his words, but the assuredness in his tone that stood out. When you sense that energy and self-assurance, it instills confidence in you that he will come through. You can trust that he will pass the ball to you, so just focus on your role.

Regarding the fourth-down pass, Thielen stated, “He placed it in a location where I was able to make the catch.”

The members of Young’s team presented him with a game ball.

The conclusion was full of excitement, as Pineiro was forced to attempt the game-winning kick three times while the Texans purposely tried to jump offsides in an attempt to throw him off.

Pineiro successfully completed all three kicks.

Pineiro expressed that the team was determined to not lose the game and made great efforts to distract him. He wishes for a smooth journey for their return to Houston.

Despite facing six sacks and three dropped passes from his receivers, Young managed to secure his first victory since entering the NFL from Alabama. Despite facing constant pressure, he was able to complete his two longest passes of the season, both 40 and 31 yards.

Thielen, who is currently having a standout season, made eight receptions for 72 yards. In their initial game with Thomas Brown as offensive coordinator, the Panthers secured a victory with Tommy Tremble catching a touchdown pass for the second consecutive game.

Carolina’s victory prevented them from equaling their poorest start ever as a team. In the 1998 season, the Panthers began with a record of 0-7.

At halftime, the Panthers were behind 7-6 because Pinero failed to make an extra point after Young threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to Tremble.

Young’s 40-yard pass to fellow first-year player Jonathan Mingo resulted in a Pineiro field goal, while Donte Jackson’s interception of Andrew Beck led to another field goal, giving Carolina a 12-7 advantage.

Stroud regained the lead for the Texans with a score of 13-12, after successfully throwing a 31-yard pass to Noah Brown and setting up a 1-yard touchdown run on a quarterback sneak.

In the fourth quarter, the Texans had an opportunity to increase their lead by four points. However, a penalty for delay of game on third down caused them to lose field goal range and resulted in a punt. This allowed Young to make a winning drive.


Texans: In the fourth quarter, rookie C Jarrett Patterson was taken off the field on a cart due to a lower leg injury.

The Panthers’ outside linebacker, Justin Houston, had to exit the game due to a hamstring injury.


The Texans will be hosting the Buccaneers this Sunday.

The Panthers will be playing against the Colts at home on Sunday.

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