After being hospitalized, Tez Walker is now in recovery. North Carolina will be hosting Campbell following two consecutive losses. This information can be found on

After being hospitalized, Tez Walker is now in recovery. North Carolina will be hosting Campbell following two consecutive losses. This information can be found on

— North Carolina wide receiver Tez Walker is on the road to recovery after getting hospitalized from a big hit in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s 46-42 loss to Georgia Tech.

It is uncertain if Walker will participate in the game this Saturday versus Campbell. Coach Mack Brown of North Carolina stated that he will meet with Walker on Monday to make a decision.

According to Brown, when players get hurt, he ensures their well-being and usually, they confide in him. He spends more time with them than the medical staff.

Brown inquired with Walker right away following the impact to ensure he was okay.

“His eyes fluttered open and he responded with a ‘yes’,” reported Brown.

Brown stated that he was aware that Walker was not paralyzed once medical professionals and trainers manipulated the movements of his arms and legs.

Brown stated that his objective is to demonstrate to our players and their families, who are watching, that he is fine without making a big fuss about it.

According to Brown, Walker spent the entire night at a hospital in the Atlanta area. The team then sent him home to rest on Sunday.

Brown mentioned that his teammate and roommate, Gavin Blackwell, delivered dinner to Walker on Sunday.

On Monday, Brown explained to the media his approach to dealing with injured players, drawing on his experience as coach of North Carolina during the 1995 Carquest Bowl. During that game, highly-regarded wide receiver Octavus Barnes sustained a knee injury.

The television journalist approached Barnes on the sidelines for an interview while he was in tears, according to Brown. Someone, possibly a doctor, informed them that Barnes had injured his knee and was unable to continue. This was distressing for his family who were not present to support him.

“I made it clear that we will not discuss any injuries until all family members are fully informed about the details beforehand.”

After losing two games in a row, the Tar Heels will attempt to regather and recover.

Brown stated that it is his responsibility to address and improve any issues, maintain a positive attitude, and continue progressing forward.

According to Brown, he was taught by veteran Georgia head coach Vince Dooley that it is the responsibility of a head coach to transform drawbacks into advantages.

Brown described North Carolina’s showing against Georgia Tech as terrible and stated that everyone shares the responsibility.

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This Saturday, Campbell will be visiting North Carolina for a game. The Tar Heels have two remaining home games, which will most likely be the final opportunities for quarterback Drake Maye to play in Chapel Hill. Maye is highly regarded as a top quarterback prospect and is anticipated to enter the 2024 NFL Draft.

Brown reminds the players that they should never take their remaining games for granted, as an injury could potentially end their season.

I advise them to be prepared to play every week and to savor the experience each week. I have never been successful in doing so.

Brown expressed disappointment in the Tar Heels’ performance in the fourth quarter of their game against Georgia Tech. The team allowed their opponents to score 22 points and rack up 635 yards of offense.

“We need to improve our game finishes,” stated Brown.

According to Brown, his team is only two drives away from being ranked in the Top 5. Unfortunately, on Sunday, North Carolina dropped out of the AP Top 25.

Brown stated that we must strive to regain our position in the rankings.