The UK’s Parliament recognizes Elton John for his efforts to combat HIV in both the UK and abroad.

Elton John spoke at a special session of Britain’s Parliament to celebrate his commitment to combatting HIV in the United Kingdom and globally.

On Wednesday, the British celebrity held discussions with numerous politicians and activists in the prestigious Speaker’s House of Parliament.

In 1992, John established his foundation for AIDS and has played a crucial role in raising millions of dollars to combat HIV infections and diminish stigma.

“I had the honor of hosting Sir Elton John this evening and recognizing his remarkable efforts in the worldwide battle against HIV and AIDS – both individually and through the Elton John AIDS Foundation,” stated Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle on X, previously known as Twitter.

He stated that his work exemplifies the compassion and benevolence that characterizes our common human nature.

In the United Kingdom, the charity has been spearheading efforts to expand a government pilot program that tests individuals for HIV when they visit hospital emergency departments.

As part of the newly implemented program in London and other cities with a significant number of HIV cases, individuals aged 16 and above who undergo blood testing in an emergency room will also be screened for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C, unless they choose not to participate in the testing.

The charity run by John has called on the government to broaden the scope of the program, which authorities claim has played a crucial role in uncovering numerous unnoticed instances of HIV.

Deborah Gold, chief executive of National Aids Trust, stated that performing regular HIV testing in emergency departments is particularly effective in identifying individuals who would not otherwise be tested. This is especially true for marginalized communities that are often overlooked in our efforts to combat HIV.

Officials announced on Wednesday that the program will expand to include 46 additional emergency departments, aiming to reach the estimated 4,500 individuals in England who may be living with undiagnosed HIV.

John was honored at a Parliament reception before World AIDS Day, which is happening on Friday. The U.K. aims to reach zero cases of HIV transmission in England by 2030, in accordance with the goals set by the World Health Organization.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak honored John’s AIDS Foundation and expressed his satisfaction with the recognition of its efforts in Parliament.

Sunak praised Sir Elton for his influential advocacy in the United Kingdom and globally, stating that his efforts through the AIDS Foundation have increased understanding of the problem, decreased discrimination, and had a positive impact on countless lives.