Xi from China urges international cooperation in addressing AI obstacles, but does not address internet regulations.

President Xi Jinping of China stated on Wednesday that countries should address the potential risks of artificial intelligence together, highlighting the importance of collaboration in dealing with these challenges. This statement comes in light of China’s strict censorship of online speech.

China has effectively utilized both the economic advantages of the internet and the propaganda influence of social media to serve the authoritarian goals of the ruling Communist Party.

President Xi’s pre-recorded speech was shown during the opening ceremony of the World Internet Conference Summit in Wuzhen, located in eastern China.

He advocated for collaborative efforts towards cybersecurity instead of conflict. He stated that China will collaborate with other nations to address potential risks associated with the advancement of AI and voiced opposition towards any form of dominant control in the digital realm.

According to him, China is prepared to support the responsible advancement of AI. This involves implementing the Global AI Governance Initiative, which was introduced by the Chinese government last month. The initiative aims to create a fair and unrestricted atmosphere for AI progress.

Li Shulei, director of the Communist Party’s publicity department, echoed Xi’s remarks at the conference, saying China would work with other countries to “improve the safety, reliability, controllability and fairness of artificial intelligence technology.”

The Chinese government initiated the conference in 2014 as a yearly gathering to address internet progress. While China typically restricts access to foreign news and social media platforms, these restrictions are lifted in the Wuzhen region during the conference.

In June, hackers supported by the Chinese government successfully bypassed Microsoft’s cloud security system and accessed the email accounts of officials from various U.S. agencies responsible for handling matters related to China. This occurred just before Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Beijing.

According to U.S. officials, a specific and deliberate act of spying gained unauthorized entry into the email accounts of a select group of people from multiple U.S. agencies. This security breach was detected by the State Department in mid-June. The officials clarified that none of the affected systems contained classified information and no data was taken.

The individuals who were hacked included Gina Raimondo, the Secretary of Commerce, whose department implemented export controls that have impacted numerous Chinese companies.


The Justice Department has filed charges against five Chinese nationals in September 2020 for hacking over 100 American and international companies and organizations, including social media and video game companies, universities, and telecommunications providers.

Source: wral.com