The feminist publication, Jezebel, is being revived by Paste Magazine, a mere month after ceasing operations.

Jezebel, a bold and unapologetic feminist site, is relaunching just weeks after being forced to shut down.

Paste Magazine, an online magazine focused on popular culture and located in Atlanta, declared on Wednesday that it had acquired from G/O Media. G/O Media had shut down the website and terminated its employees earlier this month.

According to Paste Founder and Editor-in-Chief Josh Jackson, the acquisition of Jezebel ensures that the important information and content valued by its readers will continue to exist. Jackson stated that Jezebel’s distinct voice and dedication to storytelling make it a valuable addition to their portfolio.

G/0 Media said it was shutting down Jezebel after trying unsuccessfully for months to find a buyer for the site, which was first launched in 2007 by Gawker Media and swiftly gained an impassioned following with its combination of searing commentary on gender politics and edgy pop culture coverage.

According to an email from Jackson to The Associated Press, Paste expressed interest in purchasing Jezebel the day after it closed down. They acted swiftly to finalize the deal with a full cash payment. The website is expected to resume publishing as soon as this week. Paste is currently in the process of finding a new editor-in-chief and considering potential candidates, with a focus on hiring former Jezebel employees. The New York Times was the first to report on the acquisition.

Jackson stated that it only took us one day to realize that we had the potential to revive it. However, it was crucial for us to act fast and make a deal in order to restore the website and maintain our loyal audience.

Jezebel, known for its criticism of celebrity culture and the fashion industry, also addressed political topics such as abortion and the societal issues of “body shaming” and “rape culture.” However, like other online publications, Jezebel faced challenges in maintaining a viable business model due to the decline in digital advertising.

In 2019, Jezebel became a part of the G/0 Media collection. Prior to its closure, there were conflicts with the management of the parent company. The writers at Jezebel attributed the shutdown to G/0 Media’s neglect in finding a revenue model that aligned with the site’s purpose and readership.

G/0 Media, the owner of Gizmodo, Quartz, the Onion, and the Root, announced the closure of Jezebel as part of a restructuring plan to address financial challenges and the challenges of digital advertising. CEO Jim Spanfeller stated that it became evident that Jezebel’s target audience and the company’s overall business model were not in sync. However, he also expressed hope that Jezebel could potentially be acquired and relaunched in the future.

Spanfeller stated that they have been involved in the sale of Jezebel for several months and are pleased that the website has been acquired by a new owner.