Nepal has prohibited the use of TikTok, citing its negative impact on social harmony.

The government of Nepal has made the decision to prohibit the widely used social media platform TikTok, stating that it is causing disturbance to the country’s “social cohesion.”

According to Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud, the app will be prohibited immediately after being discussed in a Cabinet meeting.

Saud stated that the government has made the decision to prohibit the usage of TikTok. This action was deemed necessary in order to control the impact of the social media platform, which was causing disturbances to social unity, positive relationships, and the circulation of inappropriate content.

According to him, in order to hold social media platforms responsible, the government has requested that the companies register and establish a liaison office in Nepal, fulfill tax requirements, and follow the laws and regulations of the country.

It was uncertain what caused the ban or if TikTok had rejected Nepal’s demands. The company did not promptly reply to an email requesting a statement.

TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance in China, has been under scrutiny in various nations due to fears that Beijing may exploit the app to collect user data or promote its own agenda. Despite TikTok’s repeated denials and assurance that it has not shared any data with the Chinese government, countries like the United States, Britain, and New Zealand have prohibited the use of the app on government devices.

In 2018, Nepal implemented a ban on all websites featuring pornography.