Biden administration names a director of the new AI Safety Institute

Biden administration names a director of the new AI Safety Institute

The Biden administration announced on Wednesday that a senior White House staff member will lead the newly formed safety institute for artificial intelligence.

Elizabeth Kelly has been chosen to head the AI Safety Institute within the National Institute for Standards and Technology, a division of the Commerce Department. According to a statement from the department, Kelly, who currently serves as an economic policy adviser for President Joe Biden, was instrumental in creating the executive order that officially formed the institute in late October.

Lael Brainard, the director of the White House National Economic Council, stated in the announcement that Kelly had a major influence on the president’s plans regarding technology and financial regulations. She also highlighted Kelly’s efforts in bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders.

The upcoming institute will have a vital role in promoting the advancement of technology. By July, its goal is to establish guidelines for “red team” testing among major AI companies, ensuring the safety of their systems for both customers and businesses.

The safety tests are seen by the administration as essential in order to fully utilize the advancements in technology and establish a sense of confidence that will promote the widespread use of AI.

The government has recently implemented a requirement for AI companies to conduct testing on their systems. However, these tests currently do not meet the universal standards that will be finalized by the institute in the upcoming summer.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Kelly attended Yale Law School and has experience working at both the Obama White House and Capital One financial company.