These are all the schools that have won a football conference championship in the year 2023.

As the regular football season enters its final week, a few schools have secured sole conference championships while others have secured at least a portion of their league’s title.

Here is a compilation of those educational institutions.

Firstly, a few points to mention:

  • In conferences with only one classification, the ultimate winner receives a trophy, has the opportunity to display a banner, and is granted a higher seed than other first place teams in the N.C. High School Athletic Association’s state playoffs.

    • If there is a tie for first place, the teams will be named co-champions of the conference. The outcome of a head-to-head game between the tied teams will not affect the awarding of a banner. Both teams will receive a trophy, but only one will be seeded first alongside the other conference champions in the playoff brackets. This decision is usually based on which team won the head-to-head matchup.

  • In split-level tournaments, the winner of the entire competition receives a trophy or banner. Additionally, the top-performing team from the opposing classification within the conference will also be given a high seed in their own separate playoff bracket.

    • In a conference with a split classification of 3A/4A, the 4A team with the highest overall ranking will represent the conference. However, the top 3A team will also be considered a 1-seed in the 3A bracket.

Conference Champions

These teams have secured a conference title without any doubts, as they hold a significant lead in the standings that cannot be overcome mathematically within one week of play.

The 2A Mid-State conference features Reidsville.

Reidsville is part of the 2A Mid-State conference.

Mountain 7 3A – West Henderson

Mountain Foothills 1A/2A – Brevard

Watauga in the Northwestern 3A/4A division.

3A Southern Piedmont – Jay M. Robinson

Co-Conference Champions

These schools have secured a portion of the conference championship, but they must either win next week or rely on the trailing team to lose in order to claim sole possession of the title. Additionally, many of these teams have guaranteed themselves the top seed in the playoffs for their respective conferences.

4A Metro – Grimsley

NAC 6 – Rolesville

“Meck 4A at Myers Park”


Weddington High School in Southern Carolina, classified as 4A.

Havelock in Big Carolina, classified as 3A/4A.

Mideastern 3A/4A – Hoggard

Queen City 3A/4A – Hough

Pinecrest is the 3A/4A team in the Sandhills conference.

The Mountain 3A/4A – A.C. Reynolds

United 8 3A/4A – Seventy-First

Central 3A – Southern Alamance

3A White Oak Coastal area.

Hunt in Quad County 3A

The Big East 2A/3A – Southern Nash

Northeastern Coastal 2A/3A – Northeastern

Northern Lakes 2A/3A – Vance County

The second and third grade students in the Rocky River 2A/3A – Monroe class.

Catawba Valley 2A – Bunker Hill

East Central 2A – Wallace-Rose Hill

Southeastern 2A – Clinton

Northside-Pinetown in Coastal Plains 1A/2A region

The football team at Community School of Davidson is only for students in grades 1A and 2A.

Tarboro in the Four Rivers 1A/2A league

Waccamaw 1A/2A – West Columbus

– This is a divisional match

This is a match between North Stanly in the Yadkin Valley 1A/2A division.

Northwest 1A – Mount Airy

Unclaimed Conference Victories

  • Cap-6 4A
  • Central Piedmont 4A
  • DAC-VI 4A
  • Greater Metro 4A
  • Greater Neuse River 4A
  • Southwest Wake 4A
  • Southwestern 4A
  • All-American 3A/4A
  • Big South 3A
  • Mid-State 3A
  • Western Foothills 3A
  • Eastern Plains 2A
  • Neuse 6 2A
  • Central Carolina 1A/2A
  • Mid-Carolina 1A/2A
  • Piedmont Athletic 1A/2A
  • Piedmont 1A/2A in the Southern region

  • Western Highlands 1A/2A
  • Carolina 1A
  • Smoky Mountain 1A
  • Tar-Roanoke 1A