The Watch List for Boys Basketball 252 includes four players from the current champion, Farmville Central.

The Watch List for Boys Basketball 252 includes four players from the current champion, Farmville Central.

HighSchoolOT is providing a preview of the upcoming boys basketball season by releasing its yearly watch list for the six area codes in the state.

The 252 area code encompasses the ENC counties of Pitt, Craven, Carteret, Lenoir, Greene, Wilson, Nash, Edgecombe, Beaufort, Martin, Pamlico, Jones, Vance, Warren, Halifax, Northampton, Bertie, Hertford, Gates, Camden, Perquimans, Pasquotank, Dare, Currituck, Chowan, Washington, Beaufort, Tyrrell, and Hyde. According to our preseason rankings, Farmville Central holds the top spot in the 252 area code rankings and is also ranked third in the state in the HSOT Top 25.

Here is some important information regarding HSOT Watch Lists.

  • In contrast to previous years, there was not a predetermined number of athletes on each team.

  • The Watch List arranges athletes by their county of origin and then displays them in alphabetical order.

  • Being included on the HSOT Watch List does not impact future recognitions such as HSOT All-State and HSOT Honors.

  • The previous year’s all-state team and ultimate rankings can be found at the end of this article, along with the pre-season rankings for this year.

  • “If any of the athletes listed below have undergone a transfer during the offseason without our knowledge, please inform us at [email protected].”

Check out the roster of athletes selected for the HSOT All-State team during the previous winter season.

Tyrrell, Hyde, Washington, Camden, Perquimans, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, and Pasquotank counties

  • Kaleb Spencer, First Flight (senior)
  • Junior Mason Dobie is a member of the First Flight team.

  • Kevontae Lucas, Washington County (senior)
  • Saunders, a junior at Northeastern,

  • Jayden Sawyer, Columbia (sophomore)

Gates, Northampton, Bertie, Warren, Hertford, Vance and Halifax counties

  • This person’s name is Aaron Bolton and they are a senior at Warren County.

  • Zymere Dempsey, also known as Bertie Jr.

  • Nathaniel Durham, Vance County (senior)
  • Keveon Rodgers, Hertford County (senior)

are located in

The counties of Edgecombe, Wilson, and Nash are situated in.

  • Tyler Barnes, Greenfield School (senior)
  • Justin Bridgers, SouthWest Edgeombe (sophomore)
  • Kobe Edwards, Greenfield School (sophomore)
  • Matt Kirby, Greenfield School (senior)
  • Lez Minter Jr., Wilson Prep (senior)
  • Drew Pittman, Hunt (senior)

Jones, Pamlico, Carteret, and Craven counties

  • Shamel Baker, East Carteret (senior)
  • Jaylen Hewitt, a junior at West Carteret High School.

  • Charles Matheka, East Carteret (senior)

located in Eastern North Carolina

The counties of Greene, Martin, Beaufort, Lenoir, and Pitt are situated in the eastern region of North Carolina.

  • Ean Behm is a senior at South Central High School.

  • Hampton Evans, Farmville Central (senior)
  • Justin Grimes, J.H. Rose (senior)
  • Caleb Knight, John Paul II (sophomore)
  • Alex Moye, Farmville Central (senior)
  • Junior Chaise Smith from Washington

  • Tyler Whitehurst is a senior at Farmville Central.

  • Sophomore Javon Williams from Washington.

  • MJ Williams, also known as Mykal Williams, is a junior at Farmville Central.