The players on the UNC football team recall feeling "disrespected" when NC State planted their flag.

The players on the UNC football team recall feeling “disrespected” when NC State planted their flag.

NC State planted their flag on the field of Kenan Stadium after defeating UNC 30-27 in double overtime last year. The North Carolina football team has not forgotten about this.

Um I think it raises the bar tremendously, you know, just, uh, it’s very disrespectful. You put the flag in the middle of our place and what we call home, you know, that’s, it’s like, it’s like you taking a load in the middle of the house, in the living room, you know what I’m saying? So you can’t be, you can’t do that, you can’t do that in the middle of the house, like shoot, you know what I’m saying? So, you know, it’s very disrespectful but, you know, we’ll say we’ll save the best for when combat starts. Yeah. Sorry. Yeah, anytime somebody, um, you know, does something like that on, on your, on your home field, it’s just disrespectful. So, uh, you know, our plan is to get back at them and, uh, you know, try to, you know, come out on the right side of this year. There’s definitely motivation there. Uh, it seemed a little bit disrespectful but it’s a rivalry, you know how robberies get, but at the same time it’s definitely a chip on everybody’s shoulder when you see something like that happen. Um, you know, we all see things like that like on social media and stuff. I know I’ve been tagged a few things of just pictures of the flag and just, you know, just things on social media that we’ll always see. But I feel like everybody on the team, we all remember that picture. Uh We all remember what happened. So, uh we all have a chip on our shoulder. We’re just ready to play, you know, 11 thing that, you know, something I’m, I’m very looking forward to is that they planted their flag on our field. Um So I’m definitely looking forward to going over there and, and getting that win and, and sticking the flag on their field.