The Panthers, who have yet to win a game, are making their offensive strategies simpler and more efficient as they adjust play-calling for first-year quarterback Bryce Young. This is being done in hopes of improving their performance on the field.

The Panthers, who have yet to win a game, are making their offensive strategies simpler and more efficient as they adjust play-calling for first-year quarterback Bryce Young. This is being done in hopes of improving their performance on the field.

The Carolina Panthers are now making their offense less complex for Bryce Young, focusing on the plays that the new quarterback is most at ease with and also making the play-calling procedure more efficient.

The Panthers’ No. 1 draft pick is struggling as they start the season with a record of 0-5. They are currently the only winless team in the NFL and will face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

In the team’s first five games, Young has been the starting quarterback in four of them. He currently ranks 25th in the league with a quarterback rating of 82.1. He has thrown five touchdown passes but has also had six turnovers.

According to coach Frank Reich, when facing a 0-5 record, the solution is not to do more, but to do less.

The coach is uncertain if the team overwhelmed the 2021 Heisman Trophy recipient at the start of the season, but noted that persisting with the same approach would be “crazy.”

“Perhaps we may have given him an excessive amount, but I cannot say for certain,” stated Reich. “All I know is that we need to improve. This applies not only to the quarterback, but to the entire team. We simplified our approach on offense, defense, and special teams – focusing on the basics and allowing our players to perform at their best.”

Last week, the process was initiated against the Detroit Lions, but it yielded minimal results.

In the first half, Young was responsible for two interceptions and running back Miles Sanders also fumbled, resulting in three Lions touchdowns. This caused the Panthers to fall behind by 18 points at halftime and ultimately lose the game 42-24.

The objective is to help Young feel at ease in the center position and encourage him to trust his instincts and rely less on overthinking.

Young expressed his support for the decision and stated his complete trust in the coaching staff.

Young stated that it is a chance for them to improve their attention to detail and concentrate on carrying out their plans.

Second-string quarterback Andy Dalton expressed his opinion that the term “simplifying” is not an accurate depiction of the team’s actions. He believes it suggests that Young is struggling to understand, but Dalton insists that is not the case at all.

The veteran of 13 years expressed admiration for Young’s understanding of the playbook.

Dalton expressed that he does not want anyone to believe that he is incapable of managing the situation. He clarifies that this is not the case at all. After five weeks, they are still trying to determine their identity and what strategies are effective. It is common for teams to think they will play a certain way at the beginning of the season, but as the season progresses, they must adjust and change. Dalton believes this is where the team currently stands.

Dalton mentioned, “The goal is to determine his level of comfort and utilize multiple methods to achieve that.”

Dalton expressed his belief that the playbook adjustments to utilize Young’s abilities proved fruitful in the second half of the game against the Lions. Young had a personal best of 247 passing yards and three touchdowns, with two of them occurring in the latter half.

Dalton stated that he believed the player was quick on the field and had a clear direction with the ball, resulting in smooth movement of the ball.

The Panthers are simplifying the play-calling procedure for Young.

In the last two games, the new player has been wearing a wristband on his left arm. The wristband contains a list of the team’s plays, which Reich believes helps the Panthers to move faster in and out of the huddle.

“If we consider the pure mathematical aspect, it must be quicker,” stated Reich. “If I am not required to provide the entire play call and can simply say, ‘Run number 37,’ there is a benefit to that.”

Young took responsibility for the one delay of game penalty that the Panthers received against the Lions.

Reich maintains confidence in the Alabama graduate and remains convinced that he will achieve greatness.

Reich stated that our team is continually improving and finding the best strategies for our players.

Sanders was absent from practice on Wednesday due to a shoulder injury. If he is unable to participate in Sunday’s game, Chuba Hubbard will take his place as the starting player. Donte Jackson, who missed the previous game due to a shoulder injury, fully participated in Wednesday’s practice. The Panthers will assess Austin Corbett (knee) and Jaycee Horn (hamstring) once again after the bye week, indicating that neither are likely to play against the Dolphins. Although they are both currently on injured reserve, they can be added back to the active roster at any time.