The Panthers are embracing the challenges as they start their journey on the road.

The Panthers are embracing the challenges as they start their journey on the road.

Written by Clark Gerber, a contributor for WRAL Sports.

Carolina Panthers
Tennessee Titans

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In football, or any other sport, playing at home is generally preferred over playing away.

The Carolina Panthers, currently at 1-9, may be a unique case as they prepare to travel to Tennessee for a three-game road trip. This is according to the team’s statements.

Bryce Young, the quarterback, stated that one must change their mindset to view it as a team against the world. They are aware that they will be playing in stadiums where the majority wants them to lose, but they have each other. This realization gives them the determination to push through.

Head coach Frank Reich stated that traveling for games can have a positive impact. He believes that his team has a lot to show, whether they are playing at home or away. He sees each week as a chance to succeed.

Unfortunately, the Panthers have not had success playing away from home. They have yet to win a game this season, losing four out of five by a margin of ten or more points.

The Carolina offense, which was unable to reach 200 yards in their last game, will face a difficult task in dealing with the noise from the crowd. Unless they improve their execution, the Panthers will have a slim chance of success regardless of the location or opponent.

According to Reich, it is important to face reality and not deny what is happening. However, you can still show faith and confidence in your players. There is a positive outcome waiting for us if we continue to persevere.

Young must demonstrate faith and confidence in his offensive line, as they have lost starting guard Austin Corbett to a knee injury for the rest of the season.

Young has been sacked 36 times this season, ranking as the third-highest in the league. However, he remains confident in his offensive line’s ability to protect him.

Young expressed confidence in his team’s ability to step up and fill any gaps, stating, “It’s a matter of the next person in line.”

Important factors for the matchup between the Panthers and Titans

Strategies for Success: Panthers vs. Titans

“Do not allow Derrick Henry to gain momentum. The former All-Pro running back has been averaging only 4.2 yards per carry this season, matching his career low. At 247 pounds, Henry is a difficult force to bring down once he builds speed. The Panthers must prevent him from getting into a rhythm. Limiting him to under 4 yards per carry would be optimal.”

2. Push the ball downfield The Panthers have only two completions of 20-plus yards the last two weeks. One was to backup tight end Stephen Sullivan and the other was to practice squad call-up Mike Strachan. If Carolina wants to score points, they’re going to have to be more of a threat downfield, preferably to primary receivers like DJ Chark or Jonathan Mingo. The Panthers need at least three completions of 20-plus yards on Sunday to keep the Titans defense honest.

“Securing possession of the ball is crucial in this upcoming game. The Panthers and Titans have both only managed to take away the ball seven times this season, making them tied for the lowest number of takeaways in the league. In their past three games, Carolina has only been able to take away the ball once. However, if they can successfully force their opponents to turn over the ball two or more times, it greatly increases their chances of winning on the road.”


Numbers to know

The Panthers and Titans have faced each other only six times in their history, making them the least frequently matched opponents for both teams. The overall record is even at 3 wins for each team, with the last two meetings in 2019 and 2015 resulting in victories for Carolina.

Will Levis, a rookie for the Titans, has displayed a strong and bold approach as a quarterback since becoming a starter. On average, he throws the ball 10.6 yards in the air per attempt. Meanwhile, Bryce Young of the Panthers has a much lower average of only 6.4 air yards per attempt, which ranks third lowest in the league.

Both teams have faced difficulties this year, preventing them from running the ball as frequently as they would prefer. The Panthers average 23.5 rushing attempts per game (tied for 28th), while the Titans average 24.1 attempts per game (26th).

Bryce Young has the highest Bad Throw rate in the NFL at 21.1%.

The Titans have given up a 100.7 rating to rival quarterbacks, which ranks as the second-lowest in the league.