The injured Panthers are aiming to recover during Thursday Night Football on

The injured Panthers are aiming to recover during Thursday Night Football on

Rewritten: WRAL Sports contributor Clark Gerber authored this piece.

Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears

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Playing on a condensed schedule in the NFL has both advantages and disadvantages, particularly when recovering from a defeat like the Carolina Panthers.

On the other hand, it provides the opportunity to move on from a disappointing attempt and have another chance for quick redemption.

However, there is not enough time for the Panthers to recover from injuries, which has greatly affected their defense this week.

Both star pass rusher Brian Burns and starting cornerback CJ Henderson are currently in concussion protocol and are not anticipated to participate in Thursday night’s game against the Chicago Bears.

The absence of key players such as Shaq Thompson, Jaycee Horn, and Jeremy Chinn has dealt a difficult blow to the team. However, in the NFL, there is no room for sympathy, and the Panthers are approaching the week with a mentality of “the next person up.”

Defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero stated that they will not make any excuses. They have enough resources to perform well, including a talented group of young players and strong depth. However, they cannot control external factors and must focus on making it work.

Currently, the Panthers have 12 players who are unable to play due to injuries. One of these players, edge rusher Marquis Haynes Sr., is expected to return in the next few weeks.

The NFL has a limit of eight players who can be reinstated from the list every season. This means that as the season goes on, Carolina will have to deal with a shortage in that area.

Head coach Frank Reich described the current situation as a complex puzzle that needs to be solved week by week. As the season progresses, every team holds numerous meetings daily to discuss and strategize the various elements necessary for success.

When it comes to “getting things correct,” the Panthers’ offense is aiming to recover from a disastrous performance in Week 9 against the Colts.

Bryce Young’s three interceptions resulted in 14 points for the opposing team, making it the main focus. However, there are also other issues that need to be addressed and resolved.

Offensive coordinator Thomas Brown stated that the routine is consistent each week. The key is for the team to successfully carry out the plays and avoid making detrimental mistakes. The main reason for our slow starts is due to penalties during opening drives and allowing unnecessary sacks in the beginning of the game.


The crucial factors for the match between Panthers and Bears.

Bryce Young, the quarterback for the Panthers, needs to avoid turnovers. In their last two games, the Panthers did not give away the ball, but in Week 9 against the Colts, they had three turnovers. Unfortunately, two of those turnovers resulted in touchdowns for the Colts. The Panthers, and specifically Bryce Young, must prioritize protecting the football during their upcoming game on Thursday.


The Panthers were penalized 10 times in their devastating pick-six game last Sunday. This marked their third game of the season with at least nine penalties, resulting in a loss each time. To have a fighting chance against the Bears, the Panthers must limit their team penalties to five or less.

Reworded: On Thursday, the Panthers should be wary of the QB run, as Justin Fields is known for his agility as a running quarterback in the NFL. Even if he doesn’t play, the Panthers should still be concerned about the QB run, as Tyson Bagent showed his athleticism last week by rushing for 70 yards on 8 attempts against the Saints. The Carolina defense, which is already weak against the run, cannot allow Chicago to have multiple options in the backfield, whether it’s Bagent or Fields.


Numbers to know

The NFL team with the lowest turnover margin is the Bears at -9, while the Panthers rank at -4 (tied for 23rd place).

In their past six Thursday games, the Bears have a record of 5 wins and 1 loss. The Panthers have won 2 out of their past six games, but have recently won the last two.

The Panthers have an average of 7.1 penalties per game, which is the 4th lowest in the league.

The Panthers still hold the lowest RushEPA for defensive teams in the league (+0.05). They are currently ranked 28th, allowing an average of 131.8 rush yards per game, and are in last place with 1.8 rush touchdowns allowed per game.

The Bears have the best defense in the league, only allowing 3.3 yards per carry and having the highest percentage of tackles behind the line in the NFL. They have not allowed a rushing touchdown since Week 3 when they played against the Chiefs.