The Charlotte area is once again filled with top-notch talent as seen on the Boys Basketball 704 Watch List.

The Charlotte area is once again filled with top-notch talent as seen on the Boys Basketball 704 Watch List.

HighSchoolOT is providing a sneak peek of the upcoming volleyball season through its yearly watch list for the six area codes in the state.

The area code 704 encompasses Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Union counties in Charlotte, as well as Iredell, Lincoln, Gaston, Stanly, Rowan, and Cleveland. According to our preseason rankings, Myers Park holds the top spot among teams in the 704 area code. They are also ranked number one overall in the state.

This is the essential information about HSOT Watch Lists:

  • This year, the number of athletes on each team was not predetermined like in the past.

  • The Watch List categorizes athletes by their respective counties and arranges them in alphabetical order.

  • Having your name on the HSOT Watch List can impact your chances of receiving future awards, such as HSOT All-State and HSOT Honors.

  • The previous year’s all-state team and end-of-season rankings can be found at the end of this article, along with this year’s preseason rankings.

  • Occasionally, there are player transfers during the offseason that we may not be aware of. If this applies to any athlete listed below, please inform us at [email protected].

Several of these athletes were selected for the HSOT All-State Team last year. The HSOT All-State boys basketball team has been announced for the 2022-23 season.

are two counties located in the US, specifically in the state of North Carolina.

Rowan and Iredell are two counties found in the United States, specifically within the state of North Carolina.

  • Juke Harris is a junior at Salisbury.

  • Senior Hayden, from North Hills Christian, is the champion.

  • Tre McKinnon, Lake Norman (junior)
  • Mason Smith, Davidson Day (senior)
  • Junior Trent Steinour from Lake Norman

Lincoln, Cleveland, and Gaston counties

  • A.J. Adams, Crest (senior)
  • Bradley Floyd, Kings Mountain (sophomore)
  • Makoi Mabor Marier, Gaston Christian (senior)
  • Cameron Newman is a sophomore at Gaston Christian.

are both located in the state of North Carolina.

Both Stanly and Cabarrus counties can be found in the state of North Carolina.

  • Langston Boyd is a senior at Cox Mill High School.

  • Chase Daniel is a senior at Central Cabarrus High School.

  • Carson Daniel, Central Cabarrus (senior)
  • Jordan Gonder, a senior at Northwest Cabarrus.

  • Junior Isaiah Henry attends Cannon School.

  • Desmond Kent Jr., Central Cabarrus (senior)
  • Senior Austin Swartz from Cannon School.

  • Junior Jalen Walker from North Stanly

Counties of Anson and Union

  • Grant Hamilton, Weddington (senior)
  • Junior Monroe, Jordan Young

Mecklenburg County

  • Bishop Boswell, Myers Park (senior)
  • Isaiah Evans, North Mecklenburg (senior)
  • ​​​​Delani Hammonds, Ardrey Kell (senior)
  • Maurio Hanson, Chambers (senior)
  • Armani Henderson, Hickory Grove Christian (senior)
  • Senior Markiest Houston from Rocky River High School

  • Jonah Lawrence, Providence Day (junior)
  • Micahel Marcus Jr, Covenant Day (senior)
  • Senior Trey Maxwell from North Mecklenburg

  • “Senior Sir Mohammed of Myers Park”

  • Garrett Morgan, Queen’s Grant (senior)
  • Cannot reword.

  • Peter Moye, South Mecklenburg (senior)
  • Jaden Mustaf, a senior at Carmel Christian High School.

  • Quay Watson, Hopewell (senior)
  • Senior Tyler Showalter from Butler

  • Kam Taylor, Carmel Christian (senior)
  • Junior Chambers, Chadlyn Traylor

  • Junior A.J. White from Myers Park