The Carolina Panthers' game plan was described as 'pitiful' in a 37-27 defeat against the Seattle Seahawks according to

The Carolina Panthers’ game plan was described as ‘pitiful’ in a 37-27 defeat against the Seattle Seahawks according to

All right, Chris, 37 27 lost Carolina Panthers on the road at the Seattle Seahawks. Um Frank Reich used one word, one word Chris to describe the, uh, the offense, not just the offense, the how the players executed himself as a head coach and the offensive coaching staff. He said this one word, Chris, pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. And I think every Carolina Panthers fan out there that watch this game is probably think of the exact same thing. Let’s break it all down. Let’s get this sucker started. The state of North Carolina covers 53,000 square miles. It is the habitat of the feared Carolina Panthers. Get dialed in Panthers fans for an in depth. Look at your team exclusive interviews, lock a rooms inside. Let’s huddle up for Panthers playbook. Here are your hosts, Dennis Cox and Chris Lee. Welcome back to another episode of the Panthers playbook. That’s Chris Lee. Dennis Cox here with you giving you a post game breakdown of the Seattle Seahawks 37 27 win over the Carolina Panthers. Make sure you subscribe on all that good stuff here on youtube or on your favorite podcast platform. Do all those kinds of things. Chris man, ugly, bad, bad. Let’s get this out the way first. Ok, because we’re, we’re going to, we’re going to like, tear into the Panthers, but they scored three touchdowns. They pushed the ball down the field and their third down conversion was, was the best. It’s been all season. Ok. Now that’s over. Now, let’s tear into them. Ok. Yeah. Ok. So we got a couple of things. All right. So speaking of the offense, there were a few more shots taken down the field. Um, but it’s still like this offense overall, still pretty much in depth. That last touchdown they scored to make it did give them 27 points was a garbage time touchdown. The only thing Seattle is doing is sitting back is let you run a bunch of plays and chew up clock. You did exactly what the Seattle wanted you to do in that situation. But nonetheless, they threw the ball 58 times. What happened to the running game that we saw against Atlanta? What happened to that? Whatever happened to the, the 12 punch that we saw with Miles Sanders and Chuba Hubbard in that first game that had 100 and 33 yards on the ground on 27 carriers between the two. What happened to that, Chris? It’s, you know what, you would think that with a, um, uh, a guy like Frank Reich who says he, he, he loves the run game and he’s going to use the run game and an offensive coordinator and Thomas Brown who used to be a running back and he says, I love the run game. You would think that they would try to do a little bit more to try to establish that. Uh, but they haven’t done that in the last two games and it’s gotten them in some of the trouble that they’ve been in and especially in this game and look, there’s been a lot of differences between the Panthers and the Seahawks between last year and this year, but these teams just played just a few games ago, if you look in chronological order of when these, you know, teams had games, uh, this was, I guess, week 13 or 14 last year right after the buy for the Carolina Panthers and, uh, same place it was on the, on the road in Seattle and Chuba Hubbard had 14 carries for 74 yards. He’s capable against this, uh, against this particular team. Right. He got one carry for two yards today. Right. And then Miles Sanders, uh, what he, he only had AAA few rushing, he had nine carries for 24 yards. Now, uh, part of it is the push on the offensive line. Austin Corbett isn’t there. He was there last year. Of course, he’s still coming back from his injury, his AC L tear that he had at the end of the season last year. But like, man, the running has been pathetic the last 2 to 2, uh weeks and that it made everything so much easier for the Seattle Seahawks because now you can, you’re not worried about everybody else, not but worried about the run game. You can just like rush the passer all out blitzes or you could he help hold everybody back knowing that uh the, the wide receivers aren’t gonna really get that much, Uh you know, separation. It’s, it’s crazy like it’s the Panthers literally don’t have anything to make any defense feel any type of fear or scared at all. There, there’s just, there’s none of that going on right now. None of that. And here’s the thing you talk about offensively, guys still have trouble separating. I know DJ Shark had the long touchdown pass because it was a broken coverage. I know feeling and like in, in short and intermediates is able to find some pockets, but that’s really about it. Seattle plays a little bit more zone too and that’s, I think that’s a huge difference uh as to why they were able to get some windows open. Um You know, the Saints played a lot of man last week because they’re like, your man ain’t b my man. You know what? It’s probably the right thing to do. Uh Even though the Seattle team was without Jamal Adams, hey, it’s, it affects their defense, but hey, you line up against who’s playing against you, but here’s, here’s a telling stat I was, this is the stat. I was gonna tell you, uh, today before I, I messaged you about during the Panthers game. Looked at all the play drives like the scoring drives this year for the Carolina Panthers. Ok. 12 plays touchdown. Nine places, field goal. That’s Atlanta nine plays field goal, 11 places, field goal, 11 place touchdown. That’s against New Orleans. This game against Seattle. 11 place field goal, eight plays touchdown, nine place touchdown, uh, 11 place touchdown. And they did have four plays for a field goal that came after Dion Jones had his interception. This team can’t pick up chunk plays on offense and score. They just can’t, they just can’t. There’s no, there, there’s not like, hey, we’re back on our own 75 yard line. We could pick up some real big passing plays or whatever it is. Six places, 75 yards and score fast. This team is incapable of doing it, incapable of doing it and they only have three points this season off turnovers. They’ve intercepted the ball twice on defense. It’s the only two turnovers that they forced. And the first time they did it against New Orleans, they fumbled the ball in the next drive and then this time they got a field goal out of it. That’s it. This team cannot capitalize on any sort of opportunity and they have very little big plays, very little big plays at all this season. That’s the big problem with this offense. Yes, they stretched the ball a little bit more down the field today. I think DJ chart actually looked a little bit healthier this week than he did last week. Actually, we actually did see the speed. We didn’t see that against New Orleans, but nonetheless, man, bad, like overall bad just bad. So fall starts on offense, eight, going back to start going back to the to the chunk plays. Um, you saw long longer plays, uh, you know, 25 47 14, 10, 15 11. That may not sound like a lot, you know, initially when you’re listening to it compared to other teams. But man, that’s been a lot for the, for the Carolina Panthers so far. Uh, this season, I mean, even Tommy Tremble had one catch for 15 yards and that 15 yard catch was, uh, if, if it weren’t for some of the other plays beforehand probably would have been one of the longest plays of the season, uh, to Tommy Tremble, right? Like, so that’s, I think that’s the difference we’re seeing now. Um Andy Dalton has been there, he understands, uh how to like pick up the blitz and get it downfield and all that. He’s trusting in who he is, he’s trusting in the receivers. Bryce Young isn’t there yet, right? So we, now we see the difference between the veteran and, and the rookie, the difference, I will say the difference is one of the reasons why they had to throw 58 times is that some of the layups and you don’t miss them and, I mean, simply guys who were open or who did have the separation and they would have probably caught it. You didn’t see a lot of, there were a couple of drops but drops weren’t necessarily a problem in this game. Um, you saw the difference also, like Bryce isn’t gonna push it down the field, but some of those layups that, uh, that if Bryce would have had those same throws, it would have been right there in the bread basket. And so it was times where guys either could have gotten the first down off of that or, um, maybe a drive could have kept going or maybe even if he hits a guy in stride, you’re talking about a longer, uh, pass play, uh, after that and, and Dalton just simply missed him. So now we see the give and take between the two quarterbacks, Andy Dalton will, will push it, but he’s not gonna be hitting guys as accurately as Bryce Young has. Yeah. And I think, I think Bryce does want to push the ball down the field, but I think actually we did see some of the play calling, like you said, it was a zone defense, uh, by the, by the, the Seattle Seahawks where they allowed more opportunities to push the ball on the field but nonetheless, I mean, Andy Dalton threw the ball 58 times. His completion percentage was just over 58%. We saw Bryce Young last week against New Orleans was 66.7%. He completed literally two thirds of his passes last week. Now they’re again, everything was underneath, but this team did not look prepared overall. They didn’t e even again, we said it right there in the open of the show. Frank Reich said he called out himself, he called out his players, he called out his offensive coaching staff saying, you know what? We were pathetic. Eight false starts, no excuse for that. That’s just bad. And he said this is his word pathetic and 100% was and now not only was the play pathetic overall for the most part, but now the injuries are starting to mount up, Chris especially on defense CJ Henderson went out with an ankle injury did not come back. Xavier Woods went out with a hamstring injury, didn’t come back. Frankie Lou went out with a hip injury late in the first half. Didn’t come back. That’s on top of already without Shaq Thompson already without JC Horn. We saw late. You didn’t even mention Jonathan Mingo who’s out with Jonathan Mingo. That’s right. Jonathan Mingo is in, in, in concussion protocol. Now, I was just, I was just looking at strictly at the defense right now. You stack all that stuff up. This is why we saw Seattle late in the fourth quarter pull away in this game because this game was a one possession game going into the fourth wasn’t out of reach as bad as Carolina played. But these injuries are starting to mount up and you know what if things really don’t turn around, these injuries really don’t turn around. At least the team doesn’t start getting healthy. We’re gonna be in disaster mode real fast if we’re not there already for this season. And I think this goes back to some of what we were talking about at the beginning of the season or before the season actually started with defense, like we thought the defense would be what will keep, uh, the Panthers in games and it really has been because if you think about all of the, what they forced what like for, uh, field goals, if those would have been, uh, touchdowns, I mean, this game is completely out of hand, right. And that’s what worries me about the future with a team like Minnesota coming in, but let’s talk about that later. Um, but with on defense, they’ve, we’ve talked about this and we said this at the beginning of the season or before the season started that there’s not a lot of depth there. So if they do start having some injuries, we don’t know what’s gonna go on. There’s also reports that Brian Burns was still limping on the sidelines, uh, as he was, uh, before last week and had ice on his, uh, on his ankle. So we hope Brian burns is ok and hope that he’ll be able to, to go through. But, yeah, you’re right. You can’t, after losing, uh, uh, Shaq Thompson if you lose Frankie Lou as well, like Dion Jones, happy to have him. Hey, man, glad he had that interception. Good stuff. He also lost it and caused, uh, the Panthers to lose 15 yards, uh, by, by, you know, throwing down, uh, was it Charbonnet? Uh, after, after the whistle was blown, uh, he also gets beaten coverage, you know, you know what I’m saying? Like, and he’s missed some tackles. Um, and, and you’re gonna start having to, to really, like, depend on him and Kamu Gua Hill, they are good as backups. You don’t want them as your primary linebackers. And that’s the part that, uh, I’m gonna, I’m starting to be worried about is just the depth issue right now with the Panthers. Uh, like I said, this, this is starting to get to a point where we’re reaching serious legit disaster mode. Like that’s where we are right now. Like we are hitting serious legit disaster mode in terms of the Wheels is really coming off this season and you know what, this is where you can really start to lose guys, you know, like you can really start to lose guys. I know, I know Frank Reich after the game said, you know, we’re not going to finger point, we’re not gonna do any of that kind of stuff or, you know, everyone’s gonna take things internally. I get that. But eventually if things do not get better, eventually things are, it’s, it’s, it’s just natural, it’s just natural. Like, as a defense, like, hey, like we’re giving you every chance offense to score. Why you keep false starting, you know? Like, why do you have so many penalties? Why do you keep giving up so much pressure? I mean, Miles Sanders, I mean, drops weren’t a big issue, but Terri Marshall junior had one going off his hands. Bile Sanders on a crossing route which would have been a first down, easily drops one off or just off his hands as well. Like just some missed, missed opportunities, opportunities that we’re seeing on offense. But man, things can really derail fast for this season. So I saw this go out. Um And you can, you guys can look forward on, on Twitter if you want to at, at your own leisure. But, uh, somebody from, uh K USA in Denver tweeted out this video of Garrett Bowles who’s a, a lineman, uh for the Denver Broncos, of course, they lost 70 to 20. Uh, if you think about it after Super Bowl 50 the Broncos and the Panthers been two of the worst franchises, uh in the NF in the NFL since then. And Garrett Bowles has this quote, I’ve been here for seven years and all I’ve done is lost and it’s not even just that, that quote, it’s also the emotion behind the quote. Sounds like a man who just, I don’t wanna say giving up, but it’s a man who’s, who’s, who’s, who’s taken all that he can have, right? Like you, you start getting guys like that and he starts maybe, you know, if he’s dealing with injuries or he’s dealing with certain Knicks and he starts looking at his life like, is this gonna be worth it? I’ve made X amount of money, I’m getting hurt. This isn’t fun anymore. Should I just continue? And I think about guys like Taylor Moton, I think about guys like Brian Burns who have been through now, three different coaching staffs and who have only done, have done nothing but lost. They haven’t even sniffed the playoffs. They got a, maybe a little close last year, a little bit, but they haven’t been to the playoffs. There hasn’t been any fun to this football and you start to wonder if they are going to be able to buy in for the rest of the season. And, um, you, you see all these penalties and different things that we’ve been talking about that. That sounds like a lack of discipline. That sounds like a lack of coaching and it goes back to that same word that you talked about earlier. It’s all pathetic and I’m just wondering how, uh, Frank Reich is going, I’ve seen people, you know, uh, I guess, uh, call him Ho Hum. Uh, that’s the word that they, they, they describe him as how is, how is Ho Hum. Frank Reich going to get his guys and rally his troops for the rest of this long season? 14 games to go. And it’s not looking good. Three games in. No, it’s not. And we might be in disaster mode real fast and they got Minnesota next week, which I think, and they’re gonna be desperate too because now they’re oh and three. But they have a great off. Yeah, the oh and three team that made the playoffs last season. Yeah. And then Justin Jefferson rolls it down, which, by the way, you might be without, obviously, you’re certainly without JC Horn. We’ll see where CJ Henderson is. We’ll see where Xavier Woods is. We’ll see what Frankie Lou is. Brian Burns still limping right now. We’ll see what his status is probably. Can go ahead and count Jonathan Mingo out. Yeah, with the concussion and all that. So it’s just, I, I don’t know, I think this is the coaching staff better find ways to take the guys that they have right now that are healthy and available and really truly put them in the best in the best situations that their skill set is built to do. Like we saw it to Matos dropping into pass coverage and we saw Geno Smith like scrambling around in the backfield and he finds a tight end. There was no off on the sideline and like, Gross Matos is the one there in coverage. I’m like, that dude’s never done that in his career. He’s never done that. I’m like, if you’re gonna drop this dude into coverage and Jeremy Chin standing on the sideline, like just put chin there, I’ve seen Chin had a great game but like Chin can drop into coverage. We’ve seen him do it, you know, it’s just, it’s just things along those lines. We’ve seen Brian Burns dropping coverage like no, I want Brian Burns dropping in coverage. It’s stuff like that. Like you mentioned, Cuba Hubbard gets one carry. What, what happened to all the creativity that we were expecting to see with like guys like Levis Chan, where is it not seeing any of it? Like Levis Chan was like, here’s the standard handoff like one wing round out of the backfield work that creativity come on. It’s, it’s, it’s pathetic. We just go back to that word. It’s pathetic and that’s why and, and that’s why like, yeah, there are a lot of differences as far as like on the rosters of these two teams, but ultimately, a lot of the players are the same from the game last year. And the difference that you saw I think is uh you had Steve Wilkes, uh who knew how to put his play, he knew what their uh what their weaknesses and, and he, and he coached them in a way and put him in positions to where their weaknesses would not be exposed. Carolina Panthers held the ball for 39 minutes against the Seahawks last season, uh, for a time of possession. That’s a huge reason why, uh, they had a chance to get the win and right now, and you’d argue that they have a better passing attack right now. Right, better quarterback, uh, better overall receivers. You still miss DJ Moore. Um, you know, you, you would like to still have him last year for, for passing yards. You only had 105 and, and today you had, uh, almost 400 or, I’m sorry, you had 334. So, like the passing attack was so much better. So you would think that like you’d be able to marry all this together and I, I just keep going back to even if this team, uh, still was, oh and three, uh, the way that they’re oh and three and how they’re, they look in being oh and three and the teams that they’ve lost to being oh and three. It’s not like we’re talking about World Beaters here. We’re talking about still teams who are, who last year weren’t like the greatest teams in the NFC last season. Right. And even with this coaching staff, everybody’s been on it the way that they’ve been hyping all of this up the way Uh, David Tepper was hyping up, you know what he saw and what he thought was best and this team looks worse. That’s the part that’s still boggling my mind. It looks worse. And you could argue. They, they, you know, Scott Terry, you said just a few weeks ago at every position besides one, they are either better or at the same level as they were last year. And he kind of insinuated that if they’re at the same levels because it’s the same people that the new people made them more as part of their valuation. The only one that they were lower than that. We, we, you know, he didn’t say this, but we know Christian mccaffrey is gonna be better. It’s better than most, you know, but only one position they were worse at, right. And a part of their evaluation, this roster is supposed to be better, bro. I’m not seeing it. It’s coaching, it is coaching 100%. My God. I just want to throw something 100%. Well, you know what, throw this week out because it’s done. Make sure you subscribe here on youtube uh or your favorite podcast platform. We have a link in the description below. Let us know your, your thoughts on tonight’s game on this 37 27 loss in the comments. Trust me, I’m going to interact with you. Chris will probably jump in there and maybe he’ll throw his thoughts on the youtube comments as well, but nonetheless, uh, one word pathetic, but one more for you all subscribe. We’ll have an episode for you on Thursday. Looking ahead to, uh, next week’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. And we’re just gonna laugh through this Chris. We’re just gonna laugh. I mean, you know, that’s the best we can do. Let, let’s OK. We, we did, we started with a positive, let’s end on a positive, like making a nice little positivity sandwich. Even though the meat was, uh, is, is big pause. No meat for you because you’re vegan. Pause. Yeah, the, the middle of the sandwich is just as big. But, uh, I did like that. The third down conversion was a lot better today. That was good. That was Thursday. The third down conversion was better, man. We’ll see it. Thursday. It was over 50%. We’ll see you. Thursday.