The Carolina Panthers faced another challenge as they lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 17-10. There are also concerns about the future of Frank Reich as the team's coach. This news was reported on

The Carolina Panthers encountered difficulties once again, suffering a 17-10 defeat against the Tennessee Titans. The performance has raised doubts about Frank Reich's future as the team's coach. This information was shared on

The Carolina Panthers faced another challenge as they lost to the Tennessee Titans by a score of 17-10. There are also concerns about the future of Frank Reich as the team’s coach. This news was reported on The Carolina Panthers encountered difficulties once again, suffering a 17-10 defeat against the Tennessee Titans. The performance has raised doubts about Frank Reich’s future as the team’s coach. This information was shared on

Well, Chris Rinse repeat. Rinse repeat when it comes to the Carolina Panthers this time 17 to 10. Rinse repeat. You know what, when you hear the same song over and over again, you just start liking it right, the offensive line, it sucks. The coaching staff, they suck the offensive line. It sucks. The coach staff, they said, oh, there’s a screen pass, there’s a screen pass, there’s a screen pass pass 4 to 6, the screen pass on the fourth to sixth. Let’s, let’s love that song. Let’s get the sucker started. The state of North Carolina covers 53,000 square miles. It is the habitat of the get dialed in Panthers fans for an in depth. Look at your team exclusive interviews, lock a room insight. Let’s huddle up for Panthers playbook. Here are your hosts, Dennis Cox and Chris Lee. Welcome back to another episode of Panthers Playbook. That’s Chris Lee. Dennis Cox here with you. Chris clearly has this like this, this tune going in here on the I was told I was a hater in the, in the youtube comments. So I’m trying not to be a hater. I love this song. Tell love screen passes on 4th and 6th. Yeah, I’m not a hater. Good job, Frank Wright. Hey, you took over play calling Frank Reich and you got double digit points both times when you took it back over double digits, ah, lead 10 points again. 1710 up. Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below on this game because here’s the thing, we’re getting reports out of Tennessee Chris, uh, that David Tepper visibly upset leaving the locker room after the game. But here’s my, here’s my thing. You lost to Dallas last week, ok? You lost to Dallas last, last week and you know what Dallas is a better team than you and people were like, well, is Frank Wright coaching for his job in that game against Dallas, like, well, you lose to a team that’s better than you, but you go on the road to Tennessee. That’s not very good. That’s not a good Titans team and you still only put up, what’s that traded away? A lot of good players? Yeah, and you still lost to them like, I’m sorry, they’re starting a rookie quarterback who was picked literally a like 32 spots after the guy that you’re playing and you only put up 10, you put up 1010 points. That’s it. And I was actually excited for the fact that all right, late in the game. Ok, here’s a two minute type situation for Carolina for Bryce Young and a drive to potentially tie. If not, maybe if you wanna go for two, go win a game like they were in that situation, something they haven’t really been in all season. All right. Let’s see how you react. Let’s see how you handle it and then you hit the two minute warning and it’s 4th and 6th. And so you have two plays called coming out of that break right out of that stoppage. So if you don’t have what you like on the, on the pre snap Bryce checks to the second play and your second play is a wide receiver screen. Why does it feel like when Frank Bright calls plays every time there’s an audible, it’s a wide receiver screen. It’s 4th and 6th. Get the ball past the freaking sticks. It’s not that hard. What is the obvious difference between this potential game winning drive and the game winning drive that they or I guess this will be tying drive because they were down by seven or the game winning drive versus, um, the Texans. Well, the difference is because you still have the same offensive line, same scheme, same wide receivers. It’s not the same line. Thomas Brown calling the plays just right. And even within the bad system, Thomas Brown has looked better as a play caller. Of course, there were bad games when he called plays because the scheme sucks and your personnel sucks and your personnel is bad and the personnel is bad too. But we’ve even seen like when Thomas Brown is calling plays a couple of times, maybe when, when, when Frank Wright has called plays that when you call the right player, you scheme the right things up. Even the bad personnel can get open very first play of the game for the Carolina Panthers on offense, you roll out to the right, get Bryce Young in emotion and all of a sudden the defense doesn’t know what to do. And Jonathan Mingo catches the ball for 22 yards, one of the most explosive plays of the season for the Panthers. That’s pathetic. You, you, you see how easy sometimes motion can be, you know, and, and how can just, you can scheme guys open a little bit like how Tennessee was. Tennessee is not a good football team. It was scheming guys open and the, and the Carolina Panthers defense, even with all the injuries played very good today. They played very good today. They, they, they played well enough for your team to get to potentially win. You give up less than 20 points in the NFL. You should have a chance to win a game. You should, but the defense, the defense will contain teams for the most part, but I will say this and this is something I I asked you this. I sent you a text messages of this during the, during the game today. The one thing that the Carolina Panthers defense doesn’t really get or splash plays. They don’t really get any. I don’t have that person though. I asked you this question, Chris, I don’t know if you looked it up. When’s the last time the Carolina Panthers had a strip sack, like a sack and a forced fumble in the same play. When’s the last time Carolina Panthers actually did that. Yeah, I didn’t look it up because I wanted to be surprised by you. Uh But I, I feel like I feel like I was watching this in person when it happened. Um And I can’t remember the game, but I’m thinking last year. No, it wasn’t last year. But if it wasn’t last year, it had to have been the year before, maybe game one against the Jets. That Wilson actually, it was game one of this season, the very opening drive against the Atlanta Falcons, the very opening drive against the Atlanta Falcons this year. Brian Burns on the third play of the game, Zach Desmond Ritter Ritter fumbled it and ended up recovering the fumble himself. That’s the only time this entire season that the Carolina Panthers when they’ve sacked, the quarterback have forced to fumble. And we see how many times Bryce Young has been strip sacked. It happened again today. It’s like this team doesn’t get any fla splash plays the only other time that they actually are forced to fumble defensively this season as Dante Jackson in that win against the Tennessee Titans that’s it. That’s it. That’s twice the Texans I’m saying. Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s the Texans, my apologies on that. I was thinking, you know, they used to be Houston, whatever. Um, but nonetheless, that’s the only other time this season that the defense is forced to fumble. That’s, and the only other time that they recovered a fumble other than Dante Jackson was that game. Uh, I think it, maybe I forget which game it was, uh, where they had the muff punt and the Panthers jumped on it on a punt. That’s really it. That’s, that’s twice. It’s only two fumble recoveries that this team has the entire season. It also doesn’t feel, it doesn’t feel like an aggressive defense that puts players in position to do that. Right? Like, because you have somebody like Jeremy Chin that before he got injured, you didn’t really use them like that, right? Like you remember the, uh Minnesota Vikings game from two or three seasons ago where he had back to back defensive plays, uh, return fumble returns for a touchdown, uh, against the Vikings and somehow or another, the Panthers still lost that game. Yeah. And the Panthers and the Panthers this season only have 18 sacks. Now after, after, uh, Brian Burns have won today, 18, that’s it, it’s, it’s that defense, it, it puts people in, in weird positions. It’s almost like the defense is just there to just be in, in spots versus to really be aggressive and go after people. So, I don’t know, it’s, it’s weird like seeing, um, at the end of the first half, I, I was texting you about this. Um, people were making a big deal about, uh, Brian Burns and, and, uh, Marquis Hanes basically playing, uh, DB when, uh, the, the, the Titans threw that pass to get into a field goal range. But the thing that made me upset was the Panthers, uh, ran a third down play with 38 seconds left and the Titans had no time out and it was third and two and they decided to pass and it was, uh, and it was, uh, you know, incomplete. All you had to do was run the ball, either you get the first down and the, the sticks move or you don’t get the first down and it’s under 40 seconds any anyway. And we go into, uh, the, the half and you’re only down 14 to 3, right? And, and, and I think that was like a huge part. Now, it didn’t end up like costing them the game because they still didn’t get over 14. But it’s still one of those things where that was like such a horrible coaching decision. And that had to do with the person who was calling the plays, like, literally just, just run the ball right there and you gave Tennessee the ball and then you have a weird decision of putting Brian Burns and Marquis Haines as D BS. So you could protect the sideline and they get a play right up the middle, they could kick the field, they could spike it, kick the field, go really quick and go up another three at the half. Like what the, the coaching decisions, man. So before the game, uh NFL Network basically was reporting that uh Frank Reich will be evaluated at the end of the season. And uh part of the reasoning is so that, uh basically Bryce Young can continue to, um develop. And I was talking about that. We, I said this last week, um I was talking about this to a good, our good friend Josh Graham yesterday at the UN CNC State game and I said, look, if you fire Frank Reich right now, like, yes, that’s probably what needs to happen. But also think about the our future and Bryce Young, we’ve already spent all this draft capital and a first round pick, uh, a top number one pick on this guy. So we need to think beyond this season. If you fire Frank Reich right now, that would be the third different play calling change. That’ll probably go back to Thomas Brown, a guy he’s familiar with, but you have the back and forth. Like what’s, what, what’s going on? My man can’t get into a rhythm at all. He barely has time to even, you know, three step drop hitch, let it go. He doesn’t have time for that and then he’s gonna have another change of voice and philosophy in his ear. Like there, there needs to be some type of consistency there. So I don’t mind Frank Wright staying around for the entire year just because of that. But as soon as that, that last whistle goes in that final game, I don’t care if the Panthers went out for the rest of that year. Frank, you’re done, boy, boy, like you live close to package stuff. We’ll see you, you could still come to the games and hang out and all that good stuff. But nah, you know, we, we need to move forward. I, I honestly think that decision’s already been made, but I think you, like you said, they’re kind of waiting just till after the season like this, the decision’s already been made in my opinion because there has been no progress from this team since the preseason. I’m not talking from like since the bi week or since week one, even like since for preseason, there’s been no progress offense. We saw this in the preseason and couldn’t believe our eyes and we thought it was gonna get better because we, we were told that like we’re not running any of our stuff. This is just vanilla, we’re just not running any of our stuff. It’s all vanilla, you know, we’re gonna get better, we gotta check the tape, we’re gonna get better. That’s, that’s all the messages from Frank. Frank. I’m sorry, have you gotten better? Because you have it, I’ll answer it for you, Frank, you haven’t gotten, gotten better. But I don’t know, it’s kind of hard to measure Bryce Young when he’s running for his life out there. I’m not gonna lie. It’s, it’s Bryce’s legs and the off schedule plays that he made in throwing the ball away, literally kept the Panthers in that. That’s true. That’s, that’s literally literally the only reason why there was a chance. It’s not because of Adam Thiele, he was taken out of the game because teams figured out this is the only way they move the ball. It wasn’t because of miles. Sanders. Chuba Hubbard had a nice game. It wasn’t because of the offensive line. It wasn’t because of this great offensive scheme, Bryce Young, all 5 ft 10, 200 not even 201 £195 of him making plays off schedule running for his life. Ducking other guy under guys turning around spinning like he was in Little League or something. Kept the Panthers in the game simply off of that and throwaways. Yeah, he, uh there are four sacks officially for the Tennessee Titans in this game. If it wasn’t for Bryce evading several could have been that they would have had it just, it was bad and it’s not like the Tennessee Titans are, you know, a sack gene machine out there, you know, it’s just, oh, it’s so bad. And then II I couldn’t help but think that because of the revolving door at, on the interior of the offensive line, at least specifically at guard because Chandler Zavala who got put in for Calvin Throckmorton, who they’ve released Calvin Throckmorton, they got released before the Dallas game. He’s actually on the Tennessee Titans. I’m, I’m sure he’s probably standing there on the sideline going there like y’all cut me for that. Y’all cut me for that. Y’all look even worse than you cut me. Like Taylor Zavala up until he got hurt today. And what he looked like last week against Dallas. I compared it last week to a turnstile at a metro station and then Toth and Jensen and Cade Mays and until, until Mays got hurt, none of those guys look any better, you know, they looked even worse just like, what are you doing here? And what are you doing? And I, we actually talked about this talk about personnel because this team lacks personnel. One of the big questions I had looking at the game in terms of the selection by the head coaches, you know, by the coaching staff by Frank Reich was Laska Chenault coming into the game hobbled with an injury, hobbled with a lower body injury than ankle injury is dressed to play, but they are inactive, healthy, inactive Terrace Marshall Junior and Raheem Blackshear like I get Terrence Marshall, I get Terrace Marshall but Raheem Blackshear like So I’m like, he’s the second best, he’s the second best returner in the NFL this year. Yeah, I’m like, I’m like, well, and then of course Lovisa gets hurt early in the game, tries to come back early in the second half gets hurt right away again. I’m like, so you, you much rather dress a guy who’s playing hurt than like the healthy guys. I, I just didn’t make sense. Like you gotta understand going into the game. Like, all right, this guy’s hobbled going in. We need to have some contingency just in case, you know, like you can’t just anticipate someone who’s questionable going into a game that, oh, he’s just gonna be perfectly fine throughout. Like, come on, like just some of these decisions that are made by the coaching staff just blow my mind. Here’s an observation I had before the game that I was telling you about before we started recording. Um, there was, I believe the sack was by Dani Autry. I, I wanna say it was the third quarter. Um, and it was a play where, um, Miles S had to come across, uh, the, the formation to try to stop him, try to chip him and he just couldn’t get him and he got to Bryce Young and sacked him right. You go back and look at the replays and Taylor Moton is a, is a, he has had a down year but he’s a really good right tackle right and Taylor Moton did exactly what Akim Awu has done a few times this season and we’ve got, we’ve gotten on Ikem Awu because of it. But you have that guy that’s there, that free runner and he went to the inside and that free runner came. Miles Sanders couldn’t get him. It was, it was a crazy angle like he tried his best and I usually like to rag on miles Sanders but he tried his best to get him. Uh but that’s that, that is a hard ask, I think of, of somebody with that and got the sack and it just made me think if Taylor Moton looks that bad under this scheme or whatever blocking schemes they have, maybe we’re rushing to judgment on aim a Kanu. Now there, I Kim has Dutt had some horrible plays, but also he’s also probably being put in bad positions by the coaching staff. And you know, this as a former college coach in lacrosse, you also have to place your players in their best possible position to succeed. And if you don’t do that, if you put place them out of position, if they can’t succeed, uh based off of how you position them in the game, the things that you tell them to do to do that is on you as a coach, it makes them look bad and it also makes you look bad as a coach. And if that’s happened to Taylor Moton and I know Taylor, there’s no way that is a smart guy. He, he was so smart, I believe he came out of central Michigan or, you know, Eastern Michigan, one of those schools really smart guy. There’s no way he made that mistake on his own. Oh, yeah, here’s the thing. We’ve seen the miscommunications between the offensive line and running backs at different points throughout the season. So it’s not like it was just like a brand new thing. This is what we talked about where things aren’t getting better. Like this is part of it, things just aren’t getting better and 100% have put a lot of this on the coaching staff, but you know what, this is gonna be new coaching staff after this season anyway, so we just got to suck it up for a few more games again. I, I wonder if go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. I was just gonna say, I really hope that uh Thomas Brown um is able to land on his feet. Oh, likewise after this. Likewise, you know, because I, I don’t think he got a fair chance. Oh, no, not at all. Some of the, some of the stuff you might want to keep around like it, it really does like for as much as Frank Reich says that this is a, uh this is a collaboration. This just looks like a Frank Wright production to me, you might be able to speak up and give your opinion, but we haven’t seen anything new. Mhm This is the same stuff. This is, this is the reason why in our comment section, we actually have Colts fans pretty frequently saying this is the reason why we’re glad that dude’s out of Indianapolis, like Colts fans, Colts fans get in the comment section on these videos and say that the song, that’s a Py Pablo song. Pablo would probably do a better job coaching this team if I can tell you that right now, that’s all I could say. All right. So speaking of the comment section, leave your thoughts in this, in the comments section below. Um Screen pass. 4th and 6th. Yeah, screen pass, uh 4th, 6th. help he drop it at some point of Chris Lee. The show smooth himself. Yes, sir. Let’s go. Offensive skiing. Let’s go. It’s my favorite song. Chris Lee is not a hater. I love this song. Go, we’ll see you guys for another episode on Thursday.