Super Bowl Live Updates | 49ers are Super Bowl favorites in 2025 ::

Super Bowl Live Updates | 49ers are Super Bowl favorites in 2025 ::

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— LAS VEGAS (AP) — Live updates from the Super Bowl in Las Vegas:

Despite their devastating defeat in the Super Bowl, the 49ers are expected to be the frontrunners for next year’s NFL championship.

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, San Francisco is favored at +450 to win its sixth Super Bowl title next season, which would tie their current record.

The Chiefs are aiming for a third consecutive win and have odds of +750. The Ravens (+900), Lions (+1200), and Bills (+1200) are also in the running.

Mecole Hardman admits he was unaware of his Super Bowl victory when he made the game-winning touchdown catch in overtime.

“I lost consciousness,” he stated. “I had forgotten that we had actually emerged victorious in the game.”

Patrick Mahomes chased him down in the end zone and delivered the happy update.

Mahomes explained that he made a game-winning touchdown pass to his teammate, but the teammate seemed unaware of the game’s outcome. Mahomes had to inform him that they had just won the Super Bowl, as the teammate did not even celebrate initially.

Hardman stated, “It is now time to celebrate.”

The San Francisco 49ers provided Patrick Mahomes with two chances to lead a drive for the game-winning touchdown during the Super Bowl.

They should have been aware – who wouldn’t be by now? – that it was too much.

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Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, overcame a difficult first half and fulfilled his promise to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

Kelce ended the game with a total of nine catches for a total of 93 yards. One of those catches was particularly important during the drive that led to the winning score.

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With his girlfriend Taylor Swift in attendance, Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Chiefs, performed a rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” on the awards stage.

He guided his teammates and the Chiefs supporters in chanting, “You must fight for your right to party,” a phrase synonymous with him.

After the trophy ceremony, Kelce sought out Swift and they shared a kiss and a long embrace.

In overtime, Patrick Mahomes revealed the name of the play that Kansas City utilized to score the winning touchdown.

“It’s simply known as a Corn Dog, and we’ve reintroduced it at the perfect moment. It’s another one of Andy Reid’s signature dishes.”

The Chiefs achieved a rare accomplishment by winning their third Super Bowl in five years and fourth overall.

This put them in a tie with the Packers and Giants for fifth place on the NFL’s list of all-time rankings.

The Steelers and Patriots have both achieved six honors, while the 49ers and Cowboys have five each.

The Kansas City team was the first to repeat a championship win since the Patriots did so in the 2003 and 2004 seasons.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs have secured their second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

Mahomes threw a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman with 3 seconds left in overtime, and the Chiefs rallied to beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 on Sunday in the second overtime game in Super Bowl history, becoming the first repeat champs in 19 years and ninth overall.

With Taylor Swift, a popular singer, observing from a luxurious seating area, the Chiefs secured their third Super Bowl victory in five years, solidifying their status as a dominant force.


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When the Chiefs scored the winning touchdown, Taylor Swift was engulfed by a group of people in her suite, making it difficult to see her during the telecast.

When Patrick Mahomes threw a touchdown pass to Mercole Hardman for a 25-22 win, CBS quickly switched to show her. However, only a group of ecstatic people could be seen celebrating.

The Chiefs secured their second consecutive victory, marking the first win since she took on the role of fan-in-chief. She and Travis Kelce, who made a crucial first down leading up to the touchdown, started dating just before the beginning of the season.

The 49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, suffered a devastating defeat, once again facing scrutiny for his inability to secure a victory in important games.

He served as the offensive coordinator for the Falcons when they famously lost a 28-3 lead to the Patriots.

Four years prior, the 49ers, led by him, lost a two-score advantage in the fourth quarter to the Chiefs.

In the evening, the 49ers gained the lead with 1:53 remaining in regulation and once more in overtime. However, they were unable to maintain their lead as Kansas City forced overtime and ultimately emerged as the victor.

Shanahan is known as a highly skilled offensive strategist in the NFL, but until the 49ers are able to secure a championship under his leadership, doubts and uncertainties will persist.

The Greatest of All Time. The reign.

Do not underestimate Patrick Mahomes, who achieved his third Super Bowl victory by throwing a 3-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Harman in overtime. He is vying for Tom Brady’s record of seven championships, making him a top contender for the title of greatest of all time as well.

The Chiefs have won their second consecutive Super Bowl title and their third in the past five years.

The Chiefs had opportunities to force the 49ers off the field during overtime, but a missed interception and a defensive holding penalty on third down allowed the 49ers to continue their drive.

However, the Niners missed their chance as they were only able to score a field goal while in the red zone.

At the moment, San Francisco is winning with a score of 22-19. Kansas City will have an opportunity to either tie or win the game.

In the past, in overtime, the game would end immediately if the first team to gain possession of the ball scored a touchdown. This often resulted in instances where the game ended before both teams had the opportunity to play offense. This was the case in Super Bowl 51 between New England and Atlanta.

The inaugural application of the NFL’s updated overtime regulation takes place during the Super Bowl.

Previously, the team that gained possession of the ball first could win immediately with a touchdown. Now, both teams must have possession of the ball.

Harrison Butker, the kicker for the Chiefs, tied the game 19-19 with a 29-yard field goal in the final 3 seconds, sending the game into overtime.

Kyle Shanahan is no stranger to this situation.

The coach of the 49ers was involved in the previous Super Bowl where the game went into overtime, back when he was the offensive coordinator for the Falcons seven years ago. It was the infamous game where the Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit.

Jake Moody accomplished a historic feat by successfully kicking two field goals of over 50 yards in the Super Bowl. This pivotal play could potentially secure a Super Bowl win for the 49ers.

Moody redeemed himself for a previous missed extra point by kicking a 53-yard field goal with 1:53 remaining, giving San Francisco a 19-16 lead.

However, the ball will be in Patrick Mahomes’ possession. He has demonstrated his capabilities in just 13 seconds. Mahomes will now have a significant amount of additional time.

The 49ers make a significant stop.

Despite having a first-and-goal at the 4 yard line, the Chiefs were unable to score a touchdown due to their opponents’ defense. As a result, they settled for a tying field goal with 5:46 remaining in the game.

Both teams have had chances that they did not take advantage of, therefore, it has balanced out.

Brock Purdy can now move away from being labeled as just a quarterback-manager, while Patrick Mahomes continues to add to his impressive legacy.

Stay tuned.

The head coach of the 49ers, Kyle Shanahan, decided to take the risk.

The decision to forgo a field goal attempt on fourth-and-3 in the fourth quarter and successfully convert it was likely surprising for fans of the Niners. This play ultimately resulted in a touchdown for San Francisco, giving them a 16-13 advantage.


The Chiefs remain within three points as the extra point was successfully blocked, which could have a significant impact.

Jauan Jennings of San Francisco and Nick Foles are the only two players to have both thrown and caught a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl. Foles accomplished this feat six years ago for the Eagles against the Patriots.

Brock Purdy, the quarterback for the 49ers, aims to achieve his third consecutive playoff win despite being behind in the second half.

He guided the Niners in a final touchdown possession to defeat the Packers, and later recovered from a 24-7 halftime disadvantage to triumph over the Lions in the NFC championship.

Entering the fourth quarter against the Chiefs, the 49ers are currently down 13-10 but have possession at Kansas City’s 42-yard line.

The San Francisco 49ers were behind 13-10 going into the final quarter, but betting sites continue to have confidence in them. Following the third quarter, FanDuel Sportsbook designated the Niners as 1 1/2-point favorites.

Shortly following a 49ers’ punt that ricocheted off one of their own players and was retrieved by Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes tossed a 16-yard throw to Marquez Valdes-Scantling in the end zone, securing a 13-10 lead for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Valdes-Scantling was widely disliked by the majority of Chiefs supporters throughout the season. He failed to catch several key passes, potentially leading to a loss in one particular game. As the top-paid receiver on a struggling team, he was an obvious scapegoat for not meeting expectations set by his salary.

However, he made a significant play against Baltimore that contributed to winning the AFC championship game. Now, he has an even more significant one in the Super Bowl.

The 49ers were presented with opportunities to secure a win against the Chiefs.

They may soon come to regret their actions.

A kick rebounded off of Darrell Luter’s leg from the Niners, and was then retrieved by Jaylen Watson of Kansas City at the 16 yard line of San Francisco.

After one play, the Chiefs were able to take the lead in the game.

You cannot give any team, especially a Super Bowl champion, such fortunate opportunities.

The main stars of the Chiefs are Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, however, their defense played a significant role in their Super Bowl appearance.

Did it appear during the third quarter?

The opposing team was able to achieve three 3-and-outs against the 49ers, limiting their yardage to only 3 yards.

Since the beginning of the second quarter, quarterback Brock Purdy has completed 4 out of 12 passes for a total of 17 yards. The critiques of his game-management skills continue to persist.

There is some positive news for SF as Deebo Samuel has returned despite previously experiencing a hamstring problem.

In the third quarter with 5:01 remaining, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker scored a 57-yard field goal, setting a new Super Bowl record that was previously held just two quarters prior.

Jake Moody’s 55-yard field goal to start the scoring became the longest in Super Bowl history, surpassing Steve Christie’s 54-yarder for Buffalo.

Shortly after a fan without a shirt ran onto the field during a third-and-11, the kick occurred.

Beyoncé is…. Back?

Following the airing of a Verizon commercial featuring Beyoncé during the Super Bowl, speculation arose as to whether her statement “They ready, drop the new music” was serious.

Afterward, a mysterious video was posted on Beyoncé’s Instagram featuring country-themed imagery, hinting at the release of “act ii” on March 29. Beyoncé’s upcoming album, “Renaissance,” which is set to be released in 2022, is often referred to as “Act I: Renaissance.”

Deebo Samuel, a receiver for the 49ers, had to leave the field in the beginning of the third quarter during the Super Bowl due to an injury.

The team from San Francisco reported that the player suffered a left hamstring injury and his comeback is uncertain.

The versatile receiver for the Niners was injured during a third-down pass in the team’s second drive of the third quarter. Trainers evaluated him before he was able to walk off the field on his own. He then briefly entered the injury tent.

The 49ers have faced challenges this season due to Samuel’s injuries. In October, they suffered three consecutive losses when he injured his shoulder. Even in their divisional round win against Green Bay, they faced difficulties when he hurt his other shoulder on the first drive.

Usher and Alicia Keys were present.

However, there wasn’t much to see during the second half.

The NFL’s main event is the Super Bowl, but the 49ers and Chiefs are performing as if it’s the second game of the preseason. There have been many penalties, punts, and turnovers, which is not what the league had hoped for in Las Vegas’ first major game.

At least there were the multiple cutaways on the stadium screens to Taylor Swift.

Usher emerged at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium for the 2024 Super Bowl halftime show seated on a throne, joined by a marching band and a trove of Vegas performers — but stayed its center.

According to AP’s Music Writer Maria Sherman, the halftime performance was a clear indication that the performer was the perfect choice, with classic and recognizable songs, expertly executed choreography, and a dedicated fan base.

Suwasit Ritthiphon, clad in silver and black, was one of hundreds of people partying on the field during the halftime show. A longtime fan of Usher, Ritthiphon, 43, said he couldn’t believe his luck when his application for a spot on the field was accepted.

He exclaimed, with a grin on his face, that his heart was racing and the experience of running through the tunnel and onto the field was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Usher was joined by a constant flow of celebrities during his 13-minute performance at halftime. H.E.R. also made an appearance, showcasing her guitar skills. Usher even had a wardrobe change, donning a glitzy purple and black suit and roller skates, which allowed him to gracefully glide in circles on the stage.

Lil Jon joined, starting with a rousing snippet of his “Turn Down for What” before Usher’s biggest, hit, “Yeah,” began blaring on the stadium speakers.

Lil Jon and Ludacris, sporting shoulder pads and large afros, reprised their roles from Usher’s 2004 recording of the song on the midfield stage. As the R&B star danced among a bedazzled crowd, the performance brought the show to a close.

A surprise appearance by Alicia Keys during Usher’s halftime performance saw the singer belting out her hit song “If I Ain’t Got You” while perched at a piano in the middle of the field, resembling a bold and artistic red sculpture.

She rose to her feet and joined Usher in performing their duet “My Boo,” wearing a sparkling red outfit that contrasted with his sparkling white attire. The singer then removed his shirt.

Usher was also joined by a marching band on the field as he raced through both dance and slow jams including “U Don’t Have to Call.”

Usher began his halftime performance with a Vegas flair, accompanied by a group of showgirls and flamboyant dancers. As he made his way from the stage to the field, he discarded a luxurious feather cape, all while singing his popular 2004 song “Caught.”

This is the opening track of a series of songs by the R&B artist, as he attempts to condense 30 years of career highlights into a 13-minute medley.

Caution should be exercised when betting against Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

In the last five seasons, he has won 7 out of 1 playoff games after being behind by at least seven points.

What is the record of all other quarterbacks? They have a record of 12 wins and 55 losses.

According to FanDuel Sportsbook, the Chiefs are considered underdogs by 4 and a half points heading into the second half.

A non-event was one of the major highlights of the first half.

In the previous Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona, players did not slip and slide on the field as if it were an ice rink, unlike in the current season.

Prior to halftime, Usher performed while numerous fans danced on the field.

This is the reason why the Chiefs chose to defer after winning the coin toss.

The Kansas City team is behind 10-3, but they will have possession of the ball first in the second half, giving them the opportunity to score twice. They were able to get on the scoreboard towards the end of the second quarter with a 28-yard field goal by Harrison Butker.

The Chiefs are skilled at overcoming deficits. They have successfully come back from large point differences to win two Super Bowls, most recently against San Francisco four years ago.

Despite being behind by at least ten points in all four Super Bowls, Patrick Mahomes has managed to win two out of three games.

The 49ers dominated the first half, but a scoring drive by the Chiefs and missed opportunities by San Francisco have made the game more competitive.

Following Andra Day’s Super Bowl pregame performance, the soulful singer continues to feel nervous.

The winner of the Grammy award was very happy after her performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” before the championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

“I am feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness,” stated Day. She, along with Reba McEntire and Post Malone, were performers before the game. McEntire sang the national anthem and Malone performed “America the Beautiful.”

Day expressed contentment with her performance and a sense of relief now that it’s finished. She described her time on the field as a “blur.”

She advised, “The key is to avoid looking at people’s faces. I simply see a blur instead. If I were to see faces, I would become overwhelmed.”

The Chiefs have been lucky to only be behind 10-3 at halftime of the Super Bowl due to repeating the same careless errors that led to their defeat in five out of eight games during the middle of the season.

The AFC winners received five penalties for a total of 50 yards. They lost control of the ball three times, but were fortunate to only lose possession once. Justin Watson missed a chance to catch a long throw for the team that had the most dropped passes in the NFL this year. Additionally, there have been numerous mistakes made by the offensive line, resulting in two sacks on Patrick Mahomes, who is typically difficult to bring down.

At the beginning of the second half, the Chiefs will receive the ball since they won the coin toss and chose to defer. Andy Reid, a top coach in the NFL, excels at making changes during halftime. However, his strategies and instructions in the locker room will be ineffective if the players do not perform well on the field.

With only 20 seconds remaining in the first half, the Chiefs successfully scored a 28-yard field goal thanks to Harrison Butker.

So far, the 49ers have successfully contained Travis Kelce, including in the red zone where he and the Chiefs typically excel.

Kelce’s only reception of the day was for 1 yard. On the final third down play at the San Francisco 9, he was positioned in the slot and guarded by safety Ji’Ayir Brown. Kelce seemed visibly frustrated and gestured in annoyance when Patrick Mahomes was sacked before he could make a pass.

The San Francisco 49ers executed a clever play to score their first touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Coach Kyle Shanahan executed an unusual trick play that resulted in a touchdown pass from receiver Jauan Jennings to running back Christian McCaffrey.

Brock Purdy initiated the play by passing the ball sideways to Jennings on the left, who quickly passed it back to McCaffrey on the right. McCaffrey had a group of blockers and successfully ran for a 21-yard touchdown, giving San Francisco a 10-0 lead.

McCaffrey has equaled an NFL record by having seven consecutive postseason games with a minimum of 50 scrimmage yards and a touchdown.

The live betting line on FanDuel shows that San Francisco is now favored by 7 and a half points, which is a significant increase from the start of the game when the spread was much closer.

During the last break in the game, cameras at Allegiant Stadium captured Taylor Swift in a race to chug what appeared to be a beer in her suite. There has been a lot of footage of Taylor Swift on the large screens at the stadium.

Swift was the initial one to complete, and she confidently slammed the cup down as the video switched to other spectators. However, not before a grateful cheer spread through the stadium.

If only the Chiefs were able to move the ball as successfully as she downed her drink. Their offense has gone nowhere in the first half of their Super Bowl showdown with the 49ers.

For the second year in a row, “Bennifer” has partnered with Dunkin for the Super Bowl.

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, and other celebrities from Massachusetts come together to surprise Jennifer Lopez at her workplace and put on a Boston-themed performance for a Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement. Rappers Jack Harlow and Fat Joe also join in on the star-studded commercial.

In the second quarter, San Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Dre Greenlaw suffered a left Achilles tendon injury and was taken by cart to the locker room in a strange turn of events.

He started running onto the field to begin a defensive possession, but he tripped, fell, and required medical assistance.

Greenlaw had already made his presence known in the game with three tackles before he left.

During the second quarter, there was a confrontation between Travis Kelce and coach Andy Reid after Isiah Pacheco’s fumble in the red zone. It is evident that frustration is growing for KC, who is currently behind 3-0.

In a commercial for Hellmann’s mayonnaise, Kate McKinnon has a surprising encounter with her cat who can speak one word, “may-ow”. This catapults her into fame and sparks a craze for buying mayonnaise. The “Mayo Cat” gains so much popularity that she even enters into a brief relationship with Pete Davidson before breaking up.

Despite the focus on star players such as Patrick Mahomes, Brock Purdy, Christian McCaffrey, and Travis Kelce, it is actually the defenses that have been performing better in the early stages of the Super Bowl. So far, both teams have only managed to score once in the first six drives.

The Chiefs of Kansas City appeared to be close to a significant advancement as Mahomes successfully threw a 53-yard pass to Mecole Hardman, bringing them to the 9-yard line. However, their momentum was halted when Isiah Pacheco fumbled on the following play, and Javon Hargrave was able to recover the ball.

In the first quarter, Kansas City’s yardage was only 16. In the postseason, they have not scored a single point in nine consecutive possessions, starting from the AFC title game.

San Francisco has faced problems of its own, as McCaffrey lost a fumble on the first drive and Trent Williams received two penalties, leading to a halt in the second possession.

In the second quarter, Jake Moody of the San Francisco 49ers set a Super Bowl record with a 55-yard field goal, giving his team a 3-0 lead just 12 seconds into the quarter.

Steve Christie of the Buffalo Bills previously held the record for the longest field goal in Super Bowl 28 with a 54-yard kick against the Dallas Cowboys.

This may provide a boost of confidence for Moody, who has previously missed field goals in the last two playoff games.

The 49ers are their own worst enemies midway through the first quarter. Christian McCaffrey fumbled on their first drive, and then San Francisco lost yardage on three consecutive plays — two penalties and a run by Deebo Samuel.

Before the 49ers could punt, they received a 5-yard penalty for a false start.

Despite the San Francisco 49ers having a total yardage of 84 compared to the Kansas City Chiefs’ 6, the game remained scoreless.

The game in San Francisco began with a strong offensive effort, but they were unable to capitalize on the chance to score when Christian McCaffrey lost possession of the ball at Kansas City’s 27-yard line.

Leo Chenal caused McCaffrey to lose possession of the ball, and George Karlaftis, another player on the team, picked it up.

The Chiefs had a negative turnover ratio of 11 in the regular season, which was one of the lowest in the NFL.

This marks the fourth occurrence, dating back to 2000, in which the game’s initial drive resulted in a turnover.

The Chiefs were unable to capitalize on the turnover, resulting in a three-and-out. This broke their previous streak of scoring on their first possession in eight consecutive playoff games, setting an NFL record.

The advertising campaign “He Gets Us” made a comeback at this year’s Super Bowl. The campaign, funded by a coalition of affluent Christian donors, aired a commercial during the first quarter of the game with the slogan, “Jesus did not preach hate. He humbly served others.”

Other early ads:

The Dove commercial initially portrays young girls playfully participating in sports while the song “It’s a Hard Knock Life” plays in the background. However, the tone shifts as the ad suddenly shows a girl looking insecurely at herself in the mirror. The underlying message is that low self-esteem about one’s body can cause girls to give up on sports, not just the mishaps they may encounter.

NFL legends Dan Marino, Bruce Smith, and Terrell Owens were never able to win a Super Bowl, but in a commercial for the big game, M&M’s and Scarlett Johansson give them “Almost Champions” rings.

During a pregame event for the gambling website FanDuel, former NFL star Rob Gronkowski was unable to make a 25-yard field goal for the second consecutive year.

This indicates that supporters who placed bets against Gronkowski will have the opportunity to receive a portion of $10 million in FanDuel Bonus Bets.

There was a loud cheer when Kansas City won the coin toss. It seems that either Chiefs supporters believed it was particularly important for this game, or many individuals had placed bets on heads.

The Kansas City team delayed making their decision until the second half, resulting in the 49ers receiving the ball first.

Reba McEntire effortlessly and beautifully performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” with grace and grandeur.

The renowned country artist performed the national anthem just before the game began, accompanied by a pre-recorded track of a country band featuring a horn section. Service members carrying flags stood behind her, while a large American flag covered the majority of the field. As she sang, military jets flew over Allegiant Stadium.

She completed the song in approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds. This is 10 seconds longer than the expected time set by oddsmakers, but it is still the fastest rendition of the anthem at the Super Bowl since Kelly Clarkson’s performance 12 years ago.


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