Seaforth's No. 9 started their season strong with a dominant victory against St. Paul's.

Seaforth’s No. 9 started their season strong with a dominant victory against St. Paul’s.

Last season, Seaforth achieved unexpected success by winning the N.C. High School Athletic Association 2A eastern regional championship and becoming the state runner-up. This was accomplished without any seniors on the team.

The team has returned for this season with only two seniors on the roster. On Monday evening, Seaforth, ranked ninth, dominated St. Pauls with a score of 62-25, signaling the start of another successful year.

Gabby White was the leading scorer for the Hawks and contributed 26 points for Seaforth, although she did not play in the final quarter.

During the first quarter, White contributed 10 points to Seaforth’s total score of 21-6. St. Pauls’ JaShontae Harris was responsible for all six points in the initial quarter and ultimately ended the game with a total of 11 points.

At the end of the first half, Seaforth was ahead 38-12. However, it was in the third quarter that the Hawks really shone offensively. White contributed nine points and Katie Leonard added seven, helping Seaforth outscore St. Pauls 22-8 and widen their lead to 60-20.

During the game, Seaforth only managed to score two points in the fourth quarter while the clock was still running.

According to Seaforth coach Charles Byrd, our team has been putting in a lot of effort in the past few days. During our practice game, we identified several areas that needed improvement, so we dedicated our efforts to addressing those areas. As a result, I believe our efforts paid off in today’s game.

Byrd mentioned that the female members of his team were able to take advantage of certain opportunities against St. Pauls that they had specifically worked on during practice.

Byrd stated that we have been exerting a lot of pressure on them.

White scored 26 points, making him the top scorer in the game. Leonard ended with 13 points, while Peyton Collins contributed 10 points for the Hawks. Overall, seven players from Seaforth recorded points in the game.

Harris contributed 11 points to St. Pauls’ score. Ava Monroe, Zhariana Shipman, and Haleigh Yambo also had four points each for the team.

On November 24th, Seaforth (1-0) will have another game at Southeast Raleigh for the non-conference match. Additionally, St. Pauls (1-1) will have a game on the same day against Broughton.