Preview of 2A: Important figures and plot points for the Eastern and Western regional championships.

Preview of 2A: Important figures and plot points for the Eastern and Western regional championships.

Which teams will compete in the 2A state championship? Will it be Shelby vs. Clinton, Reidsville vs. Northeastern, Shelby vs. Northeastern, or Reidsville vs. Clinton?

This is a reference for the plot points and significant figures to be aware of in both the Eastern and Western finals.

East Final for 2A: Northeastern (2) vs. Clinton (1)

The regional final tonight will feature the top two teams in the 2A East division this season.

The highly anticipated game between two high-scoring teams will not be the same as originally expected. Unfortunately, Clinton’s star all-purpose player, Josiah McLaurin, is unable to play due to a foot injury. McLaurin was a key player for the team, rushing for 1,170 yards and scoring 27 touchdowns in addition to 509 receiving yards and nine touchdowns in the 12 games he played. Now, the responsibility falls on junior Josiah Robinson, who also has over 1,000 rushing yards, and Amaris Williams, a defensive line commit for Florida, to carry most of the workload in the backfield.

Throughout the season, Northeastern has shown improvement in terms of overall health. Injuries to key defensive players hindered their performance earlier on. However, the offense has been impressive, especially with senior Tyselle Spencer’s remarkable speed, as seen in his 4.3 40-yard dash time. This is evident when watching him play in person. So far this season, Spencer has accumulated 2,491 rushing yards and scored 33 touchdowns.

Before McLaurin’s injury, Clinton was the clear favorite. However, now that he is out, the outcome of the match seems less certain than we had anticipated.

Northeastern Clinton
Record An unbeaten record of 14 wins and 0 losses, with a perfect 7-0 record in conference games.

The team has a perfect record of 14 wins and 0 losses, with 5 wins and 0 losses in conference play.

Common Opp. 2-0 2-0
MaxPreps Rating 16.3 27.4
MaxPreps SoS -11.7 -10.8
Points Scored/Game 49.9 52.4
Yards Gained/Game 520.6 395.9
Turnovers/Game N/A N/A
Passing Yards/Game 252.3 129.4
Completion % 65.0% 67.5%
Passing Yards/Att 14.9 14.7
Passing TDs 43 25
Passing INTs 9 1
Rushing Yards/Game 268.3 266.5
Rushing Yards/Att 11.6 11.1
Fumbles N/A N/A
Points Allowed/Game 24.9 12.9
Shutouts 2 1
Yards Allowed/Game 296.9 202.1
Takeaways/Game 2.1 2.1

Yards allowed per game for passing.

97.9 73.7
Completion % Allowed 49.5% 52.2%

Allowed Passing Yards per Attempt

7.1 4.6
Interceptions 12 17
Sacks 35 26
Rush Yards Allowed/Game 199.0 128.5

Yards per attempt allowed in rush plays

5.2 3.7
Forced Fumbles 11 6

The final game in the 2A West bracket will be between (7) Shelby and (1) Reidsville.

The top two 2A programs with the richest history face off in a regional final. Together, they have a record of more than 30 state championships. This is as good as it gets.

Several of the older players on the Reidsville team have a strong recollection of the previous match between these two teams. In the 2021 state playoffs, Shelby eliminated Reidsville in the fourth round.

Al Lee, a quarterback, is seeking retribution against Shelby, who claimed the 2021 2A state championship. In the previous year, Reidsville also made it to the 2A state championship but lost to East Duplin.

Both teams will pass the ball frequently. Al Lee, mentioned earlier, has a receiving group composed of basketball players who were highly recruited in their respective sports.

Lan Farmer, a 6-foot-4 sophomore quarterback for Shelby, has accumulated 3,239 passing yards, 42 passing touchdowns, and only eight interceptions this season. The majority of his yards have been caught by senior Izay Bridges, who has 79 receptions for 1,699 yards and 18 touchdowns and has committed to NC Central.

According to the data, this is the most closely-contested game among all of tonight’s regional finals.

Shelby Reidsville

11 wins and 3 losses in total, with 6 wins and 0 losses in conference play.

Thirteen to one overall, with a perfect record of six wins and zero losses in conference play.

Common Opp. 0-0 0-0
MaxPreps Rating 25.9 22.7
MaxPreps SoS 0.8 -3.8
Points Scored/Game 48.5 40.9
Yards Gained/Game 401.4 391.2
Turnovers/Game 1.2 N/A
Passing Yards/Game 233.1 235.8
Completion % 66.5% 64.3%
Passing Yards/Att 11.6 10.3
Passing TDs 43 43
Passing INTs 8 8
Rushing Yards/Game 168.3 155.4
Rushing Yards/Att 6.9 6.5
Fumbles 15 N/A
Points Allowed/Game 19.3 13.3
Shutouts 3 2
Yards Allowed/Game 318.5 236.4
Takeaways/Game 1.4 2.0

Average passing yards allowed per game

186.5 106.8
Completion % Allowed 53.9% 46.6%
Pass Yards/Att Allowed 8.4 6.2
Interceptions 10 16
Sacks 56 23

Yards given up per game

132.0 129.5
Rush Yards/Att Allowed 4.5 4.3
Forced Fumbles 5 12