Lea: It's unfair to label Bryce Young as a failure, that belief is just a way to express anger in the wrong direction.

Lea: It’s unfair to label Bryce Young as a failure, that belief is just a way to express anger in the wrong direction.

Rewritten: WRAL-TV’s sports anchor and reporter, Chris Lea.

He completed 24 out of 39 passes for 173 yards, but unfortunately threw three interceptions and had a passer rating of 48.3.

Bryce Young should receive all the negative feedback he is receiving following the Carolina Panthers’ 27-13 defeat against the Indianapolis Colts.

He should not be labeled as a failure, that is unfair.

Sunday marked just the seventh time that Young has started in his NFL career, making it premature to deem him a failure. This is especially true when taking into account the turmoil that may be affecting his performance.

The offensive line of the Panthers has the fourth highest number of sacks per game in the NFL. Additionally, their receivers are having difficulty getting open on their designated routes. The Panthers’ defense is tied with the Denver Broncos for allowing the most points per game, averaging 28.3 per match.

Despite CJ Stroud’s skills, it is unlikely that anyone could compete with Young. However, fans of the Panthers are quick to label Young as a failure.

Exhibit A:

Even this fan who seems to be switching allegiances:

We should not exclude this individual who, understandably, mentions Stroud.

Let’s take a closer look at CJ Stroud, the quarterback for the Texans, who has been mentioned twice. In today’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Stroud led his team to a thrilling 39-37 victory with an impressive performance of 470 passing yards and five touchdowns. As mentioned before, Stroud and the Panthers’ quarterback, Young, will constantly be compared throughout their careers. Despite Stroud and the Texans losing to Young and the Panthers last week, Stroud benefits from having a stronger support system around him in comparison to Young in Charlotte. This support allows Stroud to put up the impressive numbers he did in today’s game.

The age-old adage states that comparing oneself to others can steal one’s happiness.

Panthers supporters are not truly upset with Bryce Young. Their frustration is misdirected. Over the past year, the Panthers organization has forfeited 11 draft selections in their pursuit of a permanent solution at quarterback. Additionally, they traded away DJ Moore and some of those picks.

The team has also exchanged Christian McCaffrey in a trade.

They traded away Dan Arnold and a third round pick for CJ Henderson, who’s tenure in Charlotte has been underwhelming.

The Eagles and Cowboys have allowed Haason Reddick and Stephon Gilmore, who have been performing well for their teams, to become free agents.

There are more questionable actions in addition to that. It could even be its own topic. However, these actions have caused frustration among the Panthers’ fan community. Bryce Young is a direct outcome of those actions, and that is the crucial factor.

Young is the representation of the front office dysfunction. Panthers fans don’t like the team’s management, so if Young is anything short of ‘Superman’ (wink wink), games like he had today will only muster up more disdain for the franchise.

Panthers supporters, are you not displeased with Young?

You are displeased with the management.

If he receives proper protection, is surrounded by qualified personnel, and is in a suitable NFL system, Bryce Young has the potential to become a successful NFL quarterback. However, if the current trajectory continues, the Panthers may not be able to see this potential realized.

Source: wralsportsfan.com