Jerry Jeudy of the Broncos expresses his frustrations and addresses his conflicts, defeats, and sluggish beginning on

Jerry Jeudy of the Broncos expresses his frustrations and addresses his conflicts, defeats, and sluggish beginning on

“Written by ARNIE STAPLETON, sports journalist for the Associated Press”

Jerry Jeudy of the Denver Broncos had a lot on his mind recently. He spoke out about his disagreement with Steve Smith, the ongoing trade rumors, his disappointment with his own performance, and the team’s continuous losses.

Jeudy strutted and showed off during an argument with Smith, the ex-Panthers standout receiver and current analyst for NFL Network, before the Broncos’ 19-8 defeat against Kansas City last week.

Smith admitted to attempting to make amends with Jeudy after referring to him as a “JAG” on his podcast, which is a term used in the NFL to describe an average player. However, Jeudy was not receptive and instead responded with a profanity.

Smith once again publicly criticized Jeudy, stating that he would advise general managers against acquiring the underperforming former Alabama standout. Jeudy was the highest receiver selected by the Broncos in their history, being drafted at No. 15 overall in 2021.

Jeudy stated that he was unaware of Smith’s intention to apologize, but still stood by his response.

“I hold no animosity towards Steve Smith. He is a talented player and I have respect for him,” Jeudy stated. “I simply stand by my beliefs. If you have a problem with that, be consistent and confront me in person.”

I do agree that I should have paid attention to what he said,” Jeudy commented. “However, I am also returning to my origins and hometown. If someone speaks negatively about you behind your back, don’t expect everything to be resolved by confronting them in person.”

Unfortunately, Jeudy’s performance in the beginning of the season has been lackluster. He only managed to catch three passes for 14 yards, despite being anticipated as Russell Wilson’s main receiver in coach Sean Payton’s offense. This is surprising given his strong end to last season, where he caught 45 passes for 523 yards and three touchdowns in the final six weeks.

However, Jeudy was sidelined with a hamstring injury during the preseason and was unable to play in the first game. In the five games he has played since, he has only made 20 catches for 222 yards and has not scored any touchdowns. This has contributed to the Broncos’ poor start of 1-5 as they prepare to face Green Bay (2-3) on Sunday.

“As a first-round selection, there are high expectations placed upon me, and I also have my own expectations,” Jeudy stated. “I believe I am performing to the best of my abilities and focusing on what I can control.”

Jeudy suggested that he is being unfairly criticized for the Broncos’ disappointing beginning, which consists of three defeats at home to weaker opponents.

Jeudy expressed his frustration with losing, stating that no one enjoys it. He believes that losing is the worst outcome possible. As a receiver, he relies on multiple people to be successful, such as the offensive line, quarterback, and offensive coordinator. Even if he is open, if these other factors do not align, it can be difficult for him to succeed.

At the conclusion of the day, I must carry out my responsibilities. Others may point to statistics and evidence, but the truth cannot be denied. To truly understand, one must watch the film.

Earlier this week, Payton discussed Jeudy’s slow performance and the multiple arguments on social media with former Broncos players, as well as the altercation with Smith.

“I’m sure he’s feeling frustrated. He’s a skilled player and we must keep finding opportunities for him to receive passes,” stated Payton. “As for any other issues that may arise, I don’t pay attention to them as long as they don’t affect the team. However, he’s a highly competitive and intelligent player who consistently makes plays for us. We just need to keep finding ways to utilize his talents.”

Jeudy, who has recorded nine touchdowns in 46 games throughout his career, has been the focus of trade rumors for over a year.

“I tune out all of that. I am aware of the support and opinions of my coaches and teammates,” stated Jeudy. “All of these individuals who have their own views are on the outside looking in. They’ve never been in the locker room or witnessed my practices… so I get frustrated with anyone who is not truly in the know.”


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