Jenna McDonald is recognized with the Extra Effort Award for her leadership in Garner's volleyball team.

Jenna McDonald is recognized with the Extra Effort Award for her leadership in Garner’s volleyball team.

At the young age of eight, Jenna McDonald of Garner Magnet High School discovered her passion for volleyball.

“I wasn’t very skilled,” McDonald chuckled.

After ten years of participating in both club and school competitions, things inevitably change.

Gerald Siemering, the assistant coach for Garner, described the moment when they began evaluating her performance on the court by saying, “We were impressed. It was fantastic!”

Fantastic, I have been a captain who speaks since my second year.

According to Garner head volleyball coach Jason Boyette, she excelled in volleyball and was a strong leader, making her the perfect choice for captain.

“I am present in the moment, with only my teammates by my side on the court,” McDonald stated.

9th grade team

When not playing, McDonald is a member of Garner High School’s 9th grade basketball team.IB

The International Baccalaureate program promotes inquisitiveness and analytical skills, all while maintaining high academic standards.

McDonald stated that it allows you to express your own viewpoint and engage in conversations about various subjects that are important to you.

Mary Valcheff, the assistant principal, sees her enjoyment of hard work as a sign of natural leadership.

According to Siemering, she is open to evaluating her actions, learning from them, and moving forward. Even if she doesn’t succeed, she has a positive attitude towards continuous growth.

Despite facing adversity this season with a broken hand, McDonald continued to lead her team from the sidelines. She even returned to play in a different position in order to complete the journey with her teammates.

“She is the embodiment of the Tom Suiter

The recurring theme seems to be that the recipient of the Extra Effort Award consistently demonstrates great leadership in the classroom, on the court, and in the community, according to Boyette.

Therefore, Jenna McDonald is the recipient of the Tom award for this week.Suiter Extra Effort Award.