Hintz and Lea report that the Panthers' progress is being hindered by turnovers and injuries, according to WRALSportsFan.com.

Hintz and Lea report that the Panthers’ progress is being hindered by turnovers and injuries, according to WRALSportsFan.com.

On Sunday, Kacy Hintz and Chris Lea discuss the Panthers’ 27-13 defeat against the Colts. Bryce Young was intercepted three times, causing the Panthers to struggle throughout the game.

Let’s change our focus back to the Carolina Panthers as we analyze their 2713 loss to the Colts. To help me with that, let’s bring back Chris Lee, who was at Bank of America Stadium. Chris, you mentioned the poor performance of the offense, but there were also other factors that contributed to the loss. I want to start by discussing something you tweeted about Coach Frank’s emotional reaction during the press conference. He seemed visibly upset, which is understandable since he was facing his former team and wanted to win this game. When asked about it earlier in the week, he admitted that this game held more significance for him. In the post-game, I noticed his eyes were red, suggesting he may have been crying or close to tears. It’s clear that he really wanted this win. On top of that, the Panthers made several mistakes and gave up a significant amount of yards in sacks, ranking near the bottom of the league in this category. These mistakes are costly and are preventing them from performing at their best. During the game, there were also multiple penalties, which is a sign of lack of discipline. After speaking with Aime Akanu, it seems like they couldn’t explain why there were so many penalties this week. However, it’s clear that they need to address this issue and be more disciplined in their play. The defense, already struggling with injuries, suffered another blow with Brian Burns being placed in concussion protocol. With a short turnaround before their next game against the Chicago Bears on Thursday, it will be challenging for him to recover in time to play. This will be a significant loss for the Panthers defense, especially against a team that also struggles with giving up sacks. Another player who is currently in concussion protocol is CJ Henderson. These injuries are piling up for the Panthers defense, and it’s concerning. It’s worth mentioning that Coach Frank may have a valid complaint about the scheduling, as they now have to play a Thursday night game after a 4 p.m. game. Thank you for your insights, Chris.

Source: wralsportsfan.com