Grimsley's four touchdowns lead them to victory over Hough in a rematch during the playoffs.

Grimsley’s four touchdowns lead them to victory over Hough in a rematch during the playoffs.

One year after their memorable playoff game, Hough and Grimsley faced off once again in the third round of this year’s tournament. However, Grimsley was able to defeat the Huskies in regular time this time, with a final score of 42-35.

Mitchell Summers, the fiery 5-foot-6 junior running back, led Grimsley to four touchdowns.

In the upcoming week, the Whirlies will compete against Weddington, a team they eliminated last year. This time, Grimsley will be playing at Weddington’s home field. Grimsley has not had an away playoff game since 2018.

During the first half, Hough maintained a lead over Grimsley. The Huskies were ahead at 7-0, 14-7, and 21-14.

Throughout the season, Grimsley rarely found themselves in the position of being behind their opponents. Whenever Hough gained the upper hand, Grimsley quickly fought back.

The Whirlies managed to score a touchdown just before halftime, tying up the game.

Hough began the second half in possession of the ball, but was unable to make any progress and had to punt after only three plays. They also failed to complete a pass to an open receiver in the center of the field.

In the beginning of the second half, Grimsley successfully scored on their first attempt.

Sophomore 4-star quarterback Faizon Brandon threw a rope to senior 4-star NC State commit Terrell Anderson for a go-ahead 72-yard touchdown. Grimsley never surrendered the lead after that.

Deon McLaughling from Grimsley intercepted a pass from Hough’s quarterback Trey Blakeney, halting their drive near the red zone.

Summers raced down Grimsley drive to make an 18-yard gain during a fourth-and-three play. Afterwards, he successfully reached the end zone from a distance of five yards.

Even though Hough made a costly mistake by throwing an interception in Grimsley’s territory, they prevented the Whirlies from increasing their lead by more than two points.

Will Jones scored a seven-yard touchdown run, reducing the Grimsley lead to seven points.

Summers responded with a massive 79-yard sprint and then proceeded to score a one-yard touchdown by pushing forward just enough for the points.

Morgan Linton of Hough’s team made a 95-yard touchdown return on the following kickoff, reducing the lead to seven points.

Terrell Anderson successfully retrieved Hough’s onside kick attempt with just a few minutes remaining, securing the win for the team.

Hough wrapped up their season with an impressive 11-2 record. The Huskies emerged victorious in the highly regarded Queen City 3A/4A Conference.



  • At 8:00, Trey Blakeney threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to Jacob Dossey, giving Hough a score of 7 and Grimsley a score of 0.

  • At 5:26, Mitchell Summers scored a 1-yard touchdown run, tying the game at 7-7 between Hough and Grimsley.

  • At 1:59 on the clock, Will Jones scored a 5-yard touchdown run, bringing Hough’s score to 14 and Grimsley’s score to 7.


  • At 7:41, Mitchell Summers scored a 10-yard touchdown run, tying the game at 14 for Hough and Grimsley.

  • At 5:18, Trey Blakeney threw a touchdown pass to Jycen Anciso for 10 yards, bringing Hough’s score to 21 and Grimsley’s to 14.

  • At 1:12, Brandon Baizon threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to Alex Taylor, resulting in a tie score of 21-21 between Hough and Grimlsey.


  • At 9:20, Faizon Brandon completed a 72-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Anderson, bringing the score to Grimsley 28 and Hough 21.

  • At the 1:16 mark, Mitchell Summers scored a touchdown for 5 yards, bringing the Grimsley score to 35 while Hough remains at 21.


  • At 3:55, Will Jones scored a 7-yard touchdown run, bringing the score to Grimsley 35, Hough 28.

  • At exactly 2:23, Mitchell Summers scored a touchdown with a 1-yard run, bringing Grimsley’s score to 42 points and Hough’s to 28.

  • At the 2:15 mark, Morgan Linton scored a touchdown with a 95-yard kickoff return. The score is now 42-35 with Grimsley in the lead against Hough.