Greene Central secures Eastern Plains Conference championship with dominant victory against rival Farmville.

In recent years, there have been occasions when Greene Central easily wins the conference championship. However, this was not the situation this year, making the Eastern Plains Conference title even more satisfying.

On Monday evening, the Rams beat their rival team Farmville Central 6-2, securing their third consecutive championship.

This year, Greene Central (14-3-1, 10-1-1) faced tough competition from improved teams Washington and North Pitt, resulting in a win and a draw for the Rams.

However, Greene Central quickly scored three points before Farmville Central (8-6-2, 6-4-1) could catch up, and they maintained that lead in the second round.

Greene Central has consistently ranked either first or second in conference play every season since 2018.

During Monday’s game, Miguel Zavala scored two goals and Josh Osorio, Jose Gonzalez, Derek Carriollo, and Adrian Acevedo each contributed one goal. Gonzalez also had two assists, while Acevedo, Horacio Zavala, and Dennis Contreras each had one assist.

On Wednesday, the Rams will end their regular season with a nonconference game at home against Clinton, who was the runner-up in the 2A state championship last year.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars will travel to North Pitt to finish out the regular season and conference schedule.