Emily Scott from North Johnston is a petite but formidable athlete in both tennis and softball, showing great determination and skill on the court and field.

Prior to her freshman year at North Johnston High School, Emily Scott had never participated in the sport of tennis. However, she has since become one of the top players in the state and has aspirations of continuing to compete at the collegiate level.

Scott, a self-described gym enthusiast, believes that consistent daily practice leads to success. She aspires to become a physical education teacher in the future.

Scott laughs and shares his motto: “I desire to play dodge ball daily.”

Scott emulates Serena Williams’ playing style on the tennis court.

At a height of five feet, Scott is smaller than Serena, but he possesses hidden strength.

According to North Johnston tennis coach David Anderson, her forehand is comparable to a rocket. He believes that if she were taller, around six feet, she could possibly already be a professional player.

In only her fourth year as a tennis player, Scott emerged victorious in all of her conference matches, claimed the individual conference title for this year, and progressed to the 2A state championships.

According to Anderson, the fact that she also plays softball indicates that she already had good hand-eye coordination before taking up tennis.

Scott’s initial passion was for softball. “I have been involved in softball since I was five years old,” she stated.

During his sixth grade year, Scott’s softball team for traveling emerged victorious in the Dixie World Series, earning them the national championship title. Throughout his time at North Johnston, Scott has consistently played for the varsity team, rotating between positions such as centerfield, second base, and catcher.

“I allowed her to join our scrimmage sessions in the summer when she was in eighth grade,” recalled Chris Batten, the softball coach at North Johnston. “Despite her small stature, she possessed a great amount of strength and determination.”

Scott excels academically with a 4.1 GPA.

Johnny Capps, the agriculture teacher at North Johnston, stated that after 36 years, his motivation to continue teaching is students like Emily. He has not retired yet because of them.

Scott is dedicated to strengthening her Christian beliefs. She actively participates in church activities and serves as a chaplain for Future Farmers of America.

Capps described her as a quintessential American girl.

Source: highschoolot.com