Ella John Dupree is the sole performer at Cape Fear Christian Academy, putting in extra effort.

Ella John Dupree is highly skilled in playing a wide range of instruments.

Dupree excitedly exclaimed while practicing the first of her six sports: “There it is! Tennis, volleyball, basketball, cheer, soccer, and track!”

Dupree stated that it is simpler to acquire something than to let it go. They also shared that they have developed strong feelings for all of the items.

At six years old, Dupree began playing tennis and has held the top spot as Cape Fear Christian Academy’s (CFCA) varsity player since seventh grade. Head coach Page Jackson has been guiding Dupree since the start.

According to Jackson, she is determined to succeed and will not hesitate to ask questions. This applies to her approach in the classroom as well – she will ask questions in order to improve and achieve her goals. Her motivation and determination are admirable qualities.

Dupree holds multiple impressive titles at CFCA, including student body president, top-ranked student in her class, and recipient of the school’s scholar athlete award. Although it may seem like a lot, this senior has a talent for making things exciting.

Dupree stated that they have never been afraid of the camera, so whether it’s for acting or playing tennis, they always put on a good performance.

Dupree is a prominent figure both on the court and in academic settings. Additionally, he takes on leading roles in numerous theatrical productions at Cape Fear Christian Academy.

Dupree expressed her love for conveying emotions through music, stating that sometimes words may not be enough, but having music as a support can give one the confidence to sing what they truly want to say.

Dupree has portrayed various characters in productions by CFCA and Harnett County Regional Theater, including Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, the Genie in Aladdin, and Anna from Frozen. She is managed by a talent agency in Raleigh and has also made a cameo appearance in the Showtime show Homeland. One aspect of performing that Dupree particularly enjoys is being able to share her love for it with her family. Her mother, Ashley, is a drama teacher at CFCA, while her sister, Lily Kate, and father, John, are also involved in performing.

Dupree shared that singing runs in his family, as he was first introduced to the stage by his father in The Sound of Music, playing the role of Gretel while his father played Captain Von Trapp. As he grew older, he had the opportunity to portray Annie alongside his father as Daddy Warbucks. Singing and acting with his sister also brings him immense joy, making it a true family affair.

Lily Kate Dupree expressed her enjoyment and admiration for her role model, stating that she strives to emulate her every day.

John Dupree expressed, “We have collaborated on numerous fantastic performances. Being able to share the stage with her and our mutual passion for performing has been nothing short of amazing.”

Ella John received the WRAL Tom Suiter Extra Effort Award for her skills and achievements in sports, academics, and performing arts.

Ella John shared her desire to motivate others by emphasizing the power of determination and the potential to achieve any goal. She believes that with dedication and passion, anything is possible. While it may require some effort and practice, the rewards will be worth it in the end.

Source: highschoolot.com