Dudley has once again claimed the title of 3A state champions in girls indoor track.

Dudley has once again claimed the title of 3A state champions in girls indoor track.

The Dudley Panthers claimed victory at the JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem for the second consecutive year, securing the N.C. High School Athletic Association 3A girls indoor track state championship.

Dudley ended the day with a total of 62 points, surpassing Atkins’ 44 points. Dudley has now achieved four state championships in girls indoor track. The team previously won consecutive titles in 1989 and 1990.

On Saturday, Dudley did not have a first-place winner in any event, however, the Panthers had multiple girls receive medals.

Serenitie Johnson came in second place in the triple jump event, achieving a distance of 37-06.75. She was narrowly beaten by Elizabeth Deen from Southern Guilford, who secured the gold medal with a distance of 38-00.00.

The Panthers secured a second place finish in the 4×400 meter relay with a time of 4:09.11. The team consisted of Jalee Brown, Shalei Jordan, Aa’Niyah Massey, and Kendall Penniegraft. The first place spot went to the North Buncombe team of Maya Flynn, Eden Barnwell, Bailey Barrett, and Sophia Banks, who finished with a time of 4:02.97.

Dudley earned both second and third-place rankings in the 55 meter hurdles event. Madison Crowder took second place with a time of 8.15, while Senadzi Rankin came in third with a time of 8.17. Emma Hall from West Henderson broke the 3A state record and won the gold medal with a time of 7.94 seconds.

Dudley placed third once again in the 300 meter race thanks to Brown’s contribution.

Elizabeth Deen, a junior at Southern Guilford, was recognized with the Most Outstanding Performer award for her achievements in the triple jump and long jump events. Additionally, she placed fourth in the 55 meter hurdles competition.

Three new records were broken at the 3A state meet. Along with Hall’s record in the 55 meter hurdles, Janiya Johnson from Statesville ran the 55 meter dash in 6.91 seconds, and Camryn Massey from Ashbrook threw 45-06.25 in the shot put.

Croatan (40), Franklin (38), and West Carteret (32) followed Dudley and Atkins in the team competition.

Girls’ pole vault event for 3A division.

1. Lily Houston (Northwest Cabarrus) – 12-03.00

2. Boston Stringer (Franklin) – 11-00.00

3. Carly Gordinier (Croatan) – 11-00.00

The high jump event for girls in the 3A division.

1. McKenna Panos (Swansboro) – 5-04.00

Lisa Ferguson from Swansboro has a jump of 5 feet and 2 inches.

3. MaCaela Claxton (Northside-Jacksonville) – J5-02.00

3A Girls Long Jump

1. Jada Brown (Hibriten) – 17-09.50

2. Elizabeth Deen from Southern Guilford achieved a distance of 17 feet and 8.75 inches.

3. Zaniah Field (Kings Mountain) – 17-03.25

Triple Jump for Girls in the 3A division.

1. Elizabeth Deen (Southern Guilford) – 38-00.00

2. Serenitie Johnson (Dudley) – 37-06.75

3. Jada Brown (Hibriten) – 36-07.00

Girls’ shot put competition for athletes in the 3A category.

1. Camryn Massey (Ashbrook0 – 45-06.25 (R)

2. Cailin Ames (Croatan) – 38-01.25

3. Jasmine Colwell (North Brunswick) – 37-06.25

3A Girls 55 Meter

Janiya Johnson from Statesville had a score of 6.92 in the competition.

2. Onyi Ezeigbo (Atkins) – 6.97 (R)

3. Briana St. Louis (Union Pines) – 7.00 (R)

3A Girls 300 Meter

1. Onyi Ezeigbo (Atkins) – 39.99

Briana St. Louis from Union Pines High School had a time of 40.16.

3. Jalee Brown (Dudley) recorded a time of 41.05 seconds.

3A Girls 500 Meter

1. Mahogany SPikes (Ashbrook) – 1:16.41

Sophia Banks, representing North Buncombe, finished with a time of 1 minute and 16.84 seconds.

Sanai Forte, also known as Harding, completed the race in 1 minute and 19.80 seconds.

3A Girls 1000 Meter

Kayla Folkes, representing First Flight, finished with a time of 3 minutes and 4.38 seconds.

2. Bella Green (North Lincoln) – 3:07.98

Ryan Germain from West Carteret finished with a time of 3 minutes and 8.53 seconds.

3A Girls 1600 Meter

Olivia Ferraro from North Lincoln finished with a time of 5:02.30.

2. Erin Pope (Fike) – 5:08.21

Morgan Miller from First Flight completed the race in 5 minutes and 16.14 seconds.

3A Girls 3200 meter

1. Erin Pope (Fike) – 11:05.51

2. Morgan Miller (First Flight) – 11:06.60

The time for Maisy Stephens (Croatan) was 11 minutes and 25.87 seconds.

Girls’ 55-Meter Hurdles for 3A Division

Emma Hall from West Henderson had a score of 7.94 in the event R.

Madison Crowder from Dudley scored 8.15 points.

3. Senadzi Rankin (Dudley) – 8.17

The 4×200 meter relay for the 3A girls’ division.

The team from Statesville (Nakirah Adams, Janiya Johnson, Jamia Witcher-Knox, Dynasty Hamilton) finished the race in 1 minute and 45.68 seconds.

Atkins (consisting of Onyi Ezeigbo, Ja’Naya Linder, Ogechi Ezeigbo, and Ja’Nique Linder) completed their event in 1 minute and 46.07 seconds.

3. Franklin (Hope Smith, Michelle Ortega, Laura Covarrubias, Rylee Cassada) – 1:47.87

Girls 3A 4×400 Meter Relay

1. North Buncombe (Maya Flynn, Eden Barnwell, Bailey Barrett, Sophia Banks) – 4:02.97

2. Dudley (Jalee Brown, Shalei Jordan, Aa’Niyah Massey, Kendall Penniegraft) – 4:09.11

3. West Carteret (Sally King, Anderson Day, Ryan Germain, KEnley Ballou) – 4:10.37

Girls 3A 4×800 Meter Relay

1. West Carteret (Sally King, Elaina Sherline, Kenley Ballou, Ryan Germain) – 9:47.77

The team named Croatan, consisting of Joli Rossi, Skylar Nawrocki, Cameran Ladd, and Maisy Stephens, completed their event in 10 minutes and 10.87 seconds.

3. Franklin (Morgan Cress, Amy Mendoza Lopez, Abigail Pope, Mindi Holbrooks) – 10:14.00

1. Dudley – 62

2. Atkins – 44

3. Croatan – 40

4. Franklin – 38

5. West Carteret – 32

6. North Lincoln – 30

7. First Flight – 29

8. Statesville – 26

T9. North Buncombe – 25

T9. Swansboro – 25

Source: highschoolot.com