Dave Doeren is now the most successful head coach in the history of NC State football, according to the latest record on WRALSportsFan.com.

Dave Doeren is now the most successful head coach in the history of NC State football, according to the latest record on WRALSportsFan.com.

Written by Louis Fernandez for WRAL Sports

Dave Doeren has achieved the highest number of victories for a head coach in the history of NC State football, with 78 wins over 11 seasons and 135 games.

“I am grateful and proud of the many individuals who contributed to this victory,” stated Doeren following the 20-6 triumph against the Miami Hurricanes at Carter-Finley Stadium on Saturday evening.

During the postgame press conference, there was an opportunity to reflect on the Wolfpack’s decision to hire Doeren in December 2012, coming from Northern Illinois.

I never give up, I am extremely determined, even when faced with challenges. I will continue to persevere and I believe that attitude rubs off on others in the program – it’s just part of the culture here.

Following the match, Doeren stated that the director of athletics, Boo Corrigan, addressed the team and gifted him with a jersey bearing the number 78 as a tribute to his achievement.

In 2013, Doeren began his career in Raleigh with a record of 3-9. However, he and the Wolfpack were able to bounce back and make it to five consecutive bowl games. As a result of their success, Doeren received offers from other programs to join their teams.

At one point, other schools attempted to recruit me away from here, but I ultimately chose to stay. Upon my return, I met with the team and staff and made it clear that my goal is to become the most successful coach in NC State football history.

When prompted for guidance, Doeren’s most touching moment of reflection was when he was asked what words of wisdom he would give to his younger self, now that he possesses so much knowledge and experience. Interestingly, his response did not revolve around football.

“If given the chance, I would advise myself to seek God at an earlier point in my life and focus on the things that truly hold significance. I would also surround myself with individuals who uplift and improve me. Additionally, I would emphasize the importance of family, and the valuable lessons of spirit and humility that come with it. When I was a young coach, I arrived here having achieved success at Northern Illinois, but I realize now that I still had much to learn. Through my journey, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience.”

He mentioned that his connection with ex-ECU head coach Ruffin McNeill, who currently serves as a special assistant to the head coach at NC State, has been extremely helpful.

It’s wonderful to have a place to sit in his office and chat about the day, sometimes laughing and other times simply talking. Having someone to bounce ideas off of is truly valuable.

After the timer reached zero and he greeted Miami head coach Mario Cristobal, Doeren took his time departing the field. He conversed with players, embraced friends, and hugged family. He expressed his intention to celebrate with them, eagerly anticipating the remaining games of the season and his future at NC State.

“We will have a great time tonight. Thank you all, go Pack.”

Source: wralsportsfan.com