Cheese that can be harmful, the game "This or That", and poor refereeing were the noteworthy sports events of the week on

Cheese that can be harmful, the game “This or That”, and poor refereeing were the noteworthy sports events of the week on

Reworded text: WRAL Sports contributor Clark Gerber.

The online world is vast. Unless you are constantly connected (which is not advised), you may miss out on certain things.

We should complete that task. It is possible to maintain good mental and emotional balance while also staying updated on the top sports events of the week, by giving them a brief overview.

The Tar Heels consume the “toxic dairy product.”

The duration of North Carolina’s ranking as a top ten team was brief.

The Tar Heels suffered a disappointing loss on Saturday evening, falling to a 1-5 Virginia team at home with a final score of 31-27.

The highly-touted quarterback and potential Heisman winner, Drake Maye, had an opportunity to lead his team to victory in the final moments. However, he was tackled and his pass was intercepted, ultimately securing the win for the opposing team. This pivotal moment was expertly captured by the rarely-used Umpire Cam.

At the start of the game, UNC was expected to win by 23.5 points against UVA, resulting in the biggest defeat in the school’s history. However, this is a situation that is not entirely unknown.

Actually, within the past three seasons, three out of North Carolina’s four largest unexpected defeats have occurred. Additionally, they have been defeated in six games where they were heavily favored since 2020.


There is no denying that Mack Brown has improved the Tar Heels’ performance compared to previous coaches such as Larry Fedora or Butch Davis.

Eventually, the disappointing games – referred to as “eating the poison cheese” by Coach Brown – must come to an end.

Duke participates in a game called capture the flag.

Were you aware that the top basketball prospect in the country hails from Maine and stands at 6’8″ tall?

It’s true.

The individual’s name is Cooper Flagg and there is a possibility that they will attend Duke University.

On Friday, the Blue Devils welcomed Flagg for his official visit as part of Countdown to Craziness.

The teenager, aged 16, appeared at ease while sitting with the energetic fans of Cameron Crazies. He joined in on the coordinated movements and even held a baby doll for someone during a timeout.

Duke took the opportunity to outdo UConn (considered their biggest rival for Flagg by many analysts) at a photo shoot. Flagg was photographed with the trophy collections of both schools, and it was clear that one was significantly larger than the other.

There is currently no official date for when Cooper Flagg will announce his commitment, but there are speculations that it may happen within the next week.

Both the Panthers and Hurricanes have responded to challenging inquiries.

The Carolina Panthers are fortunate to have a week off, while the Carolina Hurricanes are currently on their annual State Fair road trip away from their home arena.

What similarities do they share?

Both demonstrated their dedication to impactful reporting by participating in This or That game this week.

Let’s take this opportunity to determine the accurate solutions for the inquiries presented in these videos.

  • Switching candy apples for candy corn is without a doubt the simplest decision. According to comedian Lewis Black, it is a known truth that all candy corn ever produced was made in 1911. Since then, efforts have been made to get rid of it.

  • I prefer werewolves to vampires, but not because of the Twilight books. It’s because werewolves can consume garlic and are skilled at playing basketball.

  • The haunted house horror film. Waiting in line for an hour to enter a haunted house only to experience 15 minutes is not worth it.

  • If you support the Panthers, the correct response is a black cat instead of a bat.

  • I agree with Jordan Martinook that hot coffee is perfect for winter and iced coffee is ideal for summer.

Wake Forest’s quarterback gets payback for being slid on in a previous game.

Sunday’s game seemed like it would result in Wake Forest’s fourth consecutive defeat, but a surprising turn of events in the last minute provided a much-needed break.

Pittsburgh’s quarterback, Christian Veilleux, appeared to have a simple run for a first down that would secure the win … however, the referee determined that he began his slide too soon and did not make it to the required yardage.

With 40 seconds left on the clock, Pitt was forced to punt the ball back to the Deacs after facing a fourth down instead of a first.

Santino Marucci, the third-string quarterback, was given just enough time to lead Wake Forest to a game-winning touchdown with a 48-yard drive.

The controversial decision that resulted in Pitt’s loss can only be attributed to themselves.

As you may remember, Kenny Pickett executed a fake slide against the Demon Deacons during the 2021 ACC Championship Game and scored a crucial touchdown.

The NCAA responded to that play by implementing stricter rules for spotting the ball at the beginning of each quarterback slide.

The statement is subject to individual interpretation, but it appears that Veilleux did begin to decelerate prior to reaching the line of scrimmage.

Sometimes, karma can be quite humorous.

The weekend’s officiating was questionable.

Many disputed calls greatly affected the outcomes of games this past weekend, but none of them were as justifiable as the one made in the Wake Forest game.

In the 4th quarter, Houston had a chance to tie or possibly win the game against No. 8 Texas with a late drive for a touchdown.

On third and goal, the running back for the Cougars, Stacy Sneed, received the ball and appeared to have gained the first down without difficulty… however, he was deemed to be just short of the mark.

Houston failed to score on the following 4th down play and ultimately lost the game by a score of 31-24.

The following day, the NFL witnessed a complete reversal of events between the Steelers and Rams.

Kenny Pickett, the quarterback for the Steelers (who has already been mentioned once today), attempted a QB sneak to secure a first down and win the game, but it appeared that he fell short.

However, the authorities had different plans.

Pickett was awarded an additional half-yard, securing the first down and solidifying Pittsburgh’s 24-17 victory.

Since the Rams had exhausted all of their timeouts, they were unable to contest the play.

The most unfavorable decision, however, occurred during the Iowa game.

Cooper DeJean, the star cornerback, appeared to have saved the Hawkeyes with an impressive punt return to defeat Minnesota. It was a remarkable individual play, resulting in a 55-yard touchdown.

After the play had ended, the officials stepped in.

Upon further review, the officials determined that DeJean’s left arm motion was intended to signal his teammates to avoid the play, thus qualifying as a fair catch. (Note: His arm did not reach above his head at any point.)

Iowa’s offense maintained their style and did not make any plays, resulting in a 12-10 victory for Minnesota.

The zebras had a disappointing weekend.

6. Failure to launch

The Houston Astros have gained many critics due to their involvement in a sign-stealing scandal in 2020, for which they did not face significant consequences.

As a result, many people took pleasure in celebrating their defeat as the Texas Rangers dominated with an 11-4 victory in Monday’s ALCS Game 7.

In particular, when the broadcast featured two men wearing astronaut suits and looking upset in the audience.

Dressing in a flashy outfit for a Game 7 is clearly an attempt to get on television, but it’s possible these individuals didn’t consider the potential repercussions.

If you are victorious, that would be wonderful. It is likely that you will be featured on television celebrating.

If you happen to suffer a humiliating defeat, like the Astros did on Monday, you’ll likely remain a popular sad meme on the internet for a while.


The Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce content train is continuing and it was a busy week, so we will use bullet points for this update:

  • After making 12 receptions for a total of 179 yards and scoring a touchdown during the 31-17 victory against the Chargers, Travis was invited by head coach Andy Reid to continue playing for the team.

Can we expect these two young individuals to have a lasting relationship? You now have the knowledge to discuss it with the Taylor Swift fan in your life, you’re welcome.

I’ll see you next week.