Butler’s seventh-ranked team earns the title of Southwestern champions by defeating Independence.

Butler, ranked seventh, secured a hard-fought 35-23 victory over Independence, solidifying their title as Southwestern champions. Jayden Williams caught two touchdown passes and successfully completed a two-point conversion.

Butler’s first points were scored by Cameron Macron with a touchdown reception.

Following a forced punt by Independence, Butler fumbled their initial return. Independence then gained possession within Butler’s 10-yard line and Jayden Little scored his first touchdown to even the score 7-7.

During the second quarter, Butler’s attempt to punt the ball was stopped by the opposing team, Independence. Jayden Jones of Independence then scored his first touchdown of the game. However, the Patriots’ attempt at a point after touchdown was also blocked, resulting in a score of 13-7.

Butler countered Independence’s score by helping Williams achieve their first receiving touchdown.

In the second quarter, Phillip Harris intercepted Little which led to Williams scoring a second receiving touchdown of the night for Butler, giving them a 21-13 lead.

During the first half of the game, Butler continued to have difficulty with their special teams. Skylar Murray from Independence successfully blocked a punt, and Quentin Reddish was able to retrieve the ball. As a result, the Bulldogs went into halftime with a lead of 21-13.

Jones from Independence scored his second touchdown of the evening, reducing the lead to 20-21.

Independence’s Reddish made an interception on fourth down against Butler, providing the Patriots with some momentum.

In the final quarter, Butler dominated the game. Dequadre Currence scored his first touchdown of the evening and Williams successfully completed a two-point conversion. This increased Butler’s lead to 29-20.

Independence’s momentum came to a halt, prompting them to opt for a field goal and secure their last points of the game.

Butler secured their victory in the game thanks to Keyshawn Barrino’s lengthy touchdown run, earning them the title of Southwestern Conference Champions.

Butler has emerged as the champions of the Southwestern conference and is now anticipating their seeding for the NCHSAA playoffs following their win.

Source: highschoolot.com