According to Panthers coach Frank Reich, the team chose to draft Bryce Young as their top pick instead of CJ Stroud because he was their desired choice. This information was reported by

According to Panthers coach Frank Reich, the team chose to draft Bryce Young as their top pick instead of CJ Stroud because he was their desired choice. This information was reported by

According to Steve Reed of the Associated Press.

The Carolina Panthers justified their choice to select Bryce Young as the top pick in the draft, despite C.J. Stroud’s impressive performance thus far.

After the Panthers traded up to the first pick in the draft and chose Young, a smaller quarterback, over Stroud, who was taken second overall by the Houston Texans, it was inevitable that the two QBs would be compared.

In the span of six games, Stroud has undoubtedly displayed superior performance.

Panthers’ head coach Frank Reich does not appear worried about the upcoming matchup between the top two picks in the NFL, as he sees their professional journeys as a long-term endeavor rather than a quick race.

“We were able to acquire the player that we had targeted,” stated Reich. “We are extremely pleased with this decision. I am thrilled for C.J. as he has performed well in the past six games and I am confident he will continue to do so. However, we must remember that when evaluating a quarterback or any position, it takes years, not just weeks.”

Stroud has achieved 1,660 passing yards and nine touchdowns, with only one interception, for the Texans (3-3). He holds the top spot in the league for yards per completion (13.1), and his streak of 191 passes without an interception at the start of his career has set a new NFL record.

However, Young’s performance has been hindered by a frequently injured offensive line, resulting in a winless record of 0-5 as a starting quarterback. He has accumulated 967 passing yards and six touchdowns, along with four interceptions. His average of 8.4 yards per completion is tied for 31st place in the league.

Stroud has the 10th highest QB rating in the league at 96.4, while Young ranks at 29th with a rating of 78.7.

However, despite his slow start, Reich’s opinion of Young as the top prospect from college has not changed. This belief has been held since he became the Panthers’ coach in January.

Reich stated that both he and his team kept a close watch on Bryce Young throughout the entire event.

The Texans are very satisfied with Stroud, as he has brought them within 1 and 1/2 games of the Jacksonville Jaguars (5-2) in the AFC South going into Week 8.

Nick Caserio, the general manager for the Texans, praised Stroud for effectively utilizing his strengths.

Caserio believes that sometimes individuals feel pressured to try new things or do things differently. He reminds them that if they practice a certain way and are coached with specific techniques, it makes no sense to change their approach in a game. There is no secret formula or quick fix that will guarantee success. Instead, it is important to show up, do your assigned tasks, maintain a positive attitude, and give your best effort.

DeMeco Ryans, the coach of the Texans, expressed his admiration for both quarterbacks during the drafting process.

“Ryans noted that both individuals possess extensive experience. They have accumulated significant playing time in college and it was evident to me that they were the top two quarterbacks in this year’s draft. They have both excelled in their roles.”

The Panthers may regret their decision, but they are unlikely to acknowledge it. They have a significant investment in Young.

Carolina traded four potential players, with a future first-round pick and wide receiver D.J. Moore, to the Chicago Bears in order to advance eight positions and acquire Young. In the event that the Panthers (0-6) have the lowest record in the league, the Bears will receive the first overall pick in 2024.

Reich remains positive that the Panthers will improve and believes that the difficult beginning will motivate Young to improve.

“It is highly unlikely that he has ever encountered a 0-6 beginning,” stated Reich. “However, the manner in which he has approached it – with unwavering determination and resilience evident in his eyes and demeanor – is exactly how one would expect someone with his grit and drive to handle such a situation.”

Despite suffering losses, Reich believes that Young has performed admirably.

The Panthers are currently making efforts to provide him with additional support at the wide receiver position, but the cost of acquiring a top player has been too steep.

Currently, the Panthers intend to remain patient with Young as they navigate through difficult situations.

“I observed the film, conversed with the individual, and gained an understanding of his leadership qualities and skills as a player. This gave us a sense of who he is and what he is capable of, as well as how he aligns with our offensive and organizational goals. We believe we have found the right fit for our team,” stated Reich. “I’m sure Houston also believes they have found the right person for their team.”