Kemp: There has been a negative response from the market towards Biden's initiative to promote electric vehicles.

Kemp: There has been a negative response from the market towards Biden’s initiative to promote electric vehicles.

Georgia’s Republican Governor, Brian Kemp, expressed at POLITICO’s Governors Summit on Thursday that the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicle adoption has been ineffective and has actually caused people to resist the technology.

Georgia has received significant investments from Hyundai and Rivian, both car manufacturers, for the establishment of new electric vehicle production plants in the state. However, Governor Kemp expressed concerns that President Biden’s legislation, which allocated billions of dollars towards EVs, has revealed deficiencies in the infrastructure required to sustain the industry, leading to opposition towards the technology.

Kemp stated that the majority of the actions taken were unnecessary to support the growth of the industry, as it was already progressing on its own. He believes that the recent Biden mandates have accelerated the market too quickly, without proper preparation and consideration for other factors. This has resulted in a decline in the rare earth mineral markets, creating chaos within the industry.

Kemp expressed that government intervention and pressure can be a turn off for many people, which has been a common occurrence in the EV market. He believes that allowing the product to naturally drive the market is more effective.

Kemp shared similar concerns as Republican leaders in Washington regarding the Biden administration’s support for the industry. He criticized the use of the Inflation Reduction Act to provide funding, stating that it has resulted in favoring certain companies over others. Additionally, he argued that government spending through the IRA and other laws has caused increases in interest rates, inflation, and the deficit, without significantly developing the growing industry.

Kemp, however, did not fully endorse the idea of repealing the administration’s flagship climate legislation, stating that the priority should be on ensuring fairness and equity for all rather than choosing winners and losers.

Kemp has remarked on the Biden administration’s consideration of a compromise regulation regarding vehicle emissions. This regulation would potentially lessen the rate at which emissions cuts are required, in light of a decrease in sales of electric and zero-emission vehicles and mounting political pressure in Michigan, a crucial state in elections. Republicans, including ex-President Donald Trump, have seized upon President Joe Biden’s focus on electric vehicles in recent times, aiming to sway support away from unionized auto workers in this pivotal swing state.

Kemp stated that a decrease in Biden’s goals for electric vehicle sales would also be a positive move.

He expressed that any measures taken to reverse some of that would be beneficial. The deadlines they are setting are impractical.